Published on Jul 14, 2016HILLARY'S TRUTH ? (YOU DECIDE) • SCEMES, LIES & DECEPTION • Illuminati Plan for America ?! • YOU DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.  

Many Americans chose our current President  because they thought it would be unique and a changing moment in our country to elect a

man that they felt would represent the people and be the first black president of the United States. 

 Several people or should I say millions of people felt that it was a good thing to do. So many said that it was a unique opportunity for the American people to choose someone because they were the first.  

Now it looks like many Americans are planning on trying to do the same thing once again to vote for someone for being the first woman American president.

 I can't say doing this again to vote for somebody for being the first of something is a good thing.  Watch  all of the videos that I've placed below and tell me do you really think that we should risk sovereignty of our nation to put the first woman in the office of the White House to become our president just because she's a woman she has no real proof of what she's done.  

There is evidence all over the Internet as to what she's done that does not qualify her to become president of United States and have access to the most top-secret information this country possesses.


If we want to protect this country from falling underneath of the control of the United Nations we certainly do not need Hillary Clinton was president of the United States because she will pass along our  sovereignty and our nation and our freedom  over to the control of the United Nations.  That would be total distraction of this country and all of your freedom.  Never vote with emotions it will always bite you in the ass.  Vote with facts and common sense  if you do not want to lose your freedom.  Now watch all of the videos below and make a clear decision with an open mind do you really want her to become president of the United States? I don't think so 




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