ABC NEWS, CBS NEWS, NBC NEWS, CNN NEWS WOULD NOT want you to watch these videos about Hillary Clinton

 Watch these videos and share this posting with your friends on Facebook or any other form of social media that you use.  Educate yourself as to what's really going on.  Do some research about a man named " Peter Paul "  sure seems to me that he wants to expose what's really going on people need to follow this guy and thank you for doing what he's doing he's even taking why detector tests to show that he's telling the truth.  

I'm sure that Hillary Clinton would never take a lie detector test.  Especially on life TV.


I really believe that the above news media that I have mentioned would not want you to watch these videos about Hillary Clinton today.  The American people really need to get educated about what's really going on in the world of politics in this country.  There are people that want to control every aspect of your life and I believe Hillary Clinton is definitely one of those people.  


Let's face it the politicians are perfect but you have one that's willing to stand up against all politicians who want to control you can control your future.  Nobody wants to talk about how much money has gone into Hillary Clinton's so-called foundation money bucket.  I Wonder who really donates to that  so called foundation.  


I'm willing to bet that there's no one that will post the complete list and how much money they have given to her so called foundation.  I personally feel it's nothing but a money laundering bucket so she can win this next election with money from world leaders of other  countries.  Go watch all of the videos that I've posted below.  And share this posting with all of your friends.

Flashback: Hilary Clinton/Campaign Fraud/Peter Paul Stan Lee Scandal







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