ABOUT THIS SURVEY: The media surveys being released every day showing low public approval ratings for President Trump are not surveys of actual voters.

ABOUT THIS SURVEY: The media surveys being released every day showing low public approval ratings for President Trump are not surveys of actual voters. They are usually surveys of adult residents of the USA, including illegal aliens. These media surveys are misleading and are designed to create bad news for President Trump. THE CONSERVATIVE CAUCUS intends to poll millions of actual voters with this survey and will be releasing ongoing tallies of the results of this survey of actual U.S. voters to . . .

  • President Donald Trump;
  • Members of the House and Senate;
  • The news media






















QUESTION #6: Where do you get most of your news and information about politics and current events? Please list up to five news sources you read or watch most in approximate order of your preference:

News Source #1: 

News Source #2: 

News Source #3: 

News Source #4: 

News Source #5: 

STRATEGY SUMMARY: The media's revenue depends entirely on the number of eyeballs watching (or reading). If CNN loses just one viewer, that can cost CNN approximately $16.80 per year in lost revenue. Similar economics apply to all media organizations and outlets. If all 62 MILLION Americans who voted  for DonaldTrump simply made a commitment to STOP watching or reading the so-called mainstream news media (and to STOP clicking onto their websites), this would cost these media organizations billions of dollars.

QUESTION #7: What is your opinion of THE CONSERVATIVE CAUCUS's strategy and battle plan to urge President Trump's 62 MILLION voters (and others) to sign this pledge to STOP watching and reading the so-called mainstream liberal news media, and to STOP clicking on their websites?







QUESTION #8: Please write any additional thoughtsideas or comments you might have in the box below.


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