That after 8 years of a Trump Presidency, the art of the deal should have spread to as many Americans as would receive it and also to other countries in the world. That after eight years, ISIS would have been blown to oblivion through a crusade straight from the throne of God. That at the end of 8 years of a Trump presidency, Trump himself can comfortably and proudly go home and rest in his house as the Don of the 2nd American revolution, he whom God used to pull America away from the jaws of death, he whom God chose as a means of buying just a little more time to show mercy to a failed world. That at the end of 8 years, Africans would have seized a unique opportunity to kill and bury corruption once and for all.


The more we envisage what life would be like under a Trump presidency, the greater the spiritual force we send forth to secure his victory, our victory and the victory of freedom at the polls. When we picture life under his presidency, we set in motion a pattern of spiritually driven reverse engineering where the event we wish for automatically shapes unfolding reality according to its image. The coming Republican victory in November will reverberate throughout the world and awaken many sleeping dogs both good and bad. But from all indications, persecutions of Christians should reduce and enable many Christian men and women to prove themselves true dogs of their Master (whose name starts with a J and ends with an S) as both liberalism and Jihad are strategically rolled back. Speaking of strategic roll back, let me once again invite reflection upon the agenda shared by an art and cultural group that calls itself WORD4WORD (Formerly known as ARM [Analytical Realist Movement]). The WORD4WORD art and cultural experiment, due to its inner ideological and spiritual focus mainly can achieve its goal far more easily under a Trump presidency. WORD4WORD is indeed on a collision course with the establishment in Nigeria. Therefore the 7 point WORD4WORD agenda is in fact built around the presence and willingness of a world super power to roll back the excruciating post modernist damage of the last 8 years. WORD4WORD intends to either transform into a political party at the right time or join a political party already on ground here in Nigeria. The life theme of this movement therefore appears to revolve around the idea of dancing one’s way to power. It may be necessary to recall the manifesto of this group once again;

WORD4WORD’s manifesto is to use arts and culture as weapons and tools for:

  1. Stimulating true action-for-development rather than mere lemonade reactions that proceed no further than the clinking glasses and eloquent prose in the exhibition halls.
  2. Accelerating and consolidating conservative missions and values specifically through works that function as pro-conservative vector quantities (i.e. this means works of art that possess both magnitude and direction which combine to point accusingly [“J’accuse”] at the stubborn post modernist refusal to connect art and reality and which has led to the severe degradation and destruction of scientific, moral, socio-economic and political essentials throughout the world).
  3. Holding in suspension, dissecting and taming “the beast that approaches” using the most brutal integrations of light, speed and emotion upon the canvass.
  4. Stimulating the emergence of knowledge economy in developing countries by, among other means, transforming a selected library’s preferred conspectus organization of knowledge into works of art that therefore express the preferred psychographics of the selected library’s user community (this will require preliminary collection assessment intervention in the library selected as venue of any given WORD4WORD exhibition designed to shock and awe developing countries into more rigorous educational organization and reading culture).
  5. Give the world a special folio of works that promote Carry Discipline & gun education for responsible use and safety and for preventing the rise of tyrannical government.
  6. Generating a special set of educative, entertaining and inspiring art exhibition programs and brochures that document the entire volume of WORD4WORD contributions to art history (which is expected to feature content that can be accurately filed under the fine arts, political science, religion, and psychology sections of any academic, public, or school library).
  7. Reviewing itself as an art movement with Dadaist intensity after every single exhibition.


Eventually we will bring in some coverage of the artistic and cultural ambassadors of Nigeria whose musical work and cultural projects are bravely pushing against a deeply ingrained culture of corruption and scamming. There is indeed a huge section of Nigerians who abhor corruption and scamming. And one of them is no less than the son of the late Afro beat musical genius, Fela Anikulakpo Kuti. His son, Femi Anikulakpo Kuti has indeed proven to be a chip off the old block, a true spitting image of his father who used jazz, the blues and local African rythms as ingredients for the creation of an activist form of music known as AfroBeat. Before his death in 1998, Fela used Afrobeat to call out several mean Nigerian military dictators. He was jailed and brutalized countless times but instead of backing down became even more acidic against the injustices and corruption that reigned under many of the military regimes that ruled Nigeria from 1966 till about 1999 when military rule was permanently extinguished. In due course, we shall talk to Femi and also share some of his music and his dad’s music. We hope also to be interacting with many of the key drivers of the 15 year old revolution in the Nigerian entertainment industry which is still showing no signs of slowing down (of course our coverage here will focus more on those musicians who are using music to hit back at liberalism, tribalism and crooked thinking in high and low places).

This piece must therefore end with a question raised in a previous article. The question raised centered upon the need for the Trump campaign not to pull any punches throughout this effort to win the White House. Therefore, if God has kept a special role for a young but growing conservative movement in Nigeria to play towards ensuring a Trump victory, then it’s indeed time to express the values that made America great. Assuming point 5 of the above stated agenda were energetically activated through a special joining of forces of conservative visual artists, researchers & pollsters, curators, architects, x-military persons, librarians, journalists, media consultants, bloggers, publishers, graphic artists, and businessmen of Nigerian and American extraction. Just a thought. Is such a collaboration with emphasis on point 5 of the WORD4WORD agenda, critical at this point particular historical moment in time? Would an art exhibition under the theme DEPLORABLE VICTORY have an indispensable impact on the election outcome and the operations of the electoral college? If yes, by all means, there should be quick mobilization around it. But if not, then of course we observers here in Nigeria and beyond, would have to be content to pray and watch how events unfold in November. Freedom lovers the world over look forward to a Trump presidency featuring strategic roll back of liberalism, Jihad, poverty and mental slavery. As the Trump era breathes life into America and beyond, WORD4WORD would push towards a more political deployment of the arts as a strategy for spreading the 15 revolution in the Nigerian entertainment industry into the political arena where it is sorely needed and also take our country back. MAKE NIGERIA GREAT AT LAST

Conservatives in America should also consider whether there might be a possibility (and perhaps even a need) in November, to adapt Netanyahu’s last minute stunt during the March 2015 elections in Israel (that is, since the left has played dirty by bringing in and enfranchising thousands of illegals and refugees, then flashing the threat these groups pose during the last few hours could provoke even more sleepers to wake up and vote for Trump). 

Isn’t it great that Trump has actually begun to have such great impact on the American economy, foreign affairs and now cultural development in far away Nigeria by unknowingly awakening an artistic experiment that had been dormant for the past 12 years? An art and cultural experiment that had been seeking a clear agenda for harnessing the power of art for driving political discipline, terminating corruption and speeding development. We cannot therefore help but encourage the practice of prayerfully picturing life under a Trump presidency because we believe that doing so does in fact set in motion a pattern of spiritually driven reverse engineering where the event we wish for automatically shapes unfolding reality according to its image.




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