Anonymous Releasing The 33,000 Clinton Deleted E-Mails Starting Nov 1.

Breaking News Events / published 10-30-2016 Todays between the lines report.

October Was Just The Surprise! But, November Will Be The End.
The e-mails will be released in 4 to 5 batches starting Nov 1, and the rest over the next following days prior to Nov 8th.

It was Anonymous that released enough information / e-mails that gave cause for Comey / FBI to re open the Clinton Investigation. Through this was also sample proof that Anonymous has the 33,000 deleted e-mails. They also made it clear to the FBI that it was they, "Anonymous" that released the Padesta e-mails, and not Russia.

Obama heavily included in upcoming release.

Camera Videos, along with documents will also be released showing Felonies being committed, Bribes, and Threats to Election Officials, and Media Sources. They said these will make the ones circulating now look like J-walking offenses.

Other information in e-mails is Hillary's / Clinton Foundation transfer of $1.8 Billion Dollars to Qatar, and information from White House official regarding a high ranking White House official, of having a palace being built in Qatar for them. Obama?


Might be, other information includes Obama leaving after or before the election?

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