Barack Obama, & Joe Biden Scammed / Stole Trillions through Trading Programs.

Secrete Card Game, Hand 1 Edition / published 2-4-2018 Todays between the lines report.

How Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama, & Joe Biden Scammed / Stole Trillions through Trading Programs.

Secrete Card Game,  We see your FBI & DOJ exposures & raise you a Federal Reserve scam. Who’s in?

I'll be brief in this Edition. A Larger Unmasking in next "Secrete Card Game" Editions.

Trading programs were created as a way to raise funds for projects that relate to humanitarian endeavors, ie. Creating, maintaining and rebuilding infrastructure, assistance with bringing undeveloped countries up to current technologies, rebuilding communities after natural disasters….are just a few of the applications.

But, as with anything to do with the financial world, the rat pack of bankster cabalists have infested it at the highest levels to subvert the program for their own devious plans to control the world. History is replete with personalities whose aspirations to run the world are well known: Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Adolph Hitler….are just a few who come to mind. 

The Federal Reserve and their bankster brethren have been operating a massive con game on the public. 

The elements of a trading program contract are very simple, an investor, an amount, a time period, collateral, earnings and payout schedule. The investor puts up the collateral (asset), the Federal Reserve administrates the profit generation mechanism (program trading, bank to bank) and the proceeds of the trading profits are split between the parties to the contract and the project fund. There are two parties to the contract, the investor and the Federal Reserve Bank (NY), a PRIVATE CORPORATION.

The scam is simple although the protocols and mechanisms of the process are sophisticated. Find an investor with vast sums of cash or gold or equivalent asset value, enter into a contractual agreement where their humanitarian objectives are accomplished, then when the proceeds are paid from the inter-bank trading platforms, steal the proceeds and use it for a variety of means, all of which are crimes against humanity and serve to keep us all in chains.

Documented the thefts on Falcone, Tropos, Wanta and others, accomplished by bribes and payoffs in the millions of dollars. When you generate multiple trillions with each trading contract, what’s a few hundred million paid to the Clintons, Romney, Herzog, Guenette, Biden and others to keep their mouths shut? When you generate $25,000 Trillion ($25 Quad), you could pay every debt on the books, fund all governments for decades and of course, trigger a financial reset to enrich every person on the planet.

But that’s not how it’s done when you run the world. You coerce, bribe, blackmail, steal and deceive your way into controlling the planet by controlling the flow of money, creating a process by which you are the ones at the top of the pyramid. The majority of money generated from these programs is OFF BALANCE SHEET. This means it is NOT reported….. “two sets of books.”

Why is it such a stretch to believe that that same lust for power is not present today? Rather than be accomplished by might and power and strength and armies all out in the open, now it’s being done in secret by conning the people of the world utilizing a usury system of currency control akin to immoral grifters running a game of three card monty.

Trading programs are initiated, administered, operated and controlled by the Federal Reserve. 

Signatories to the trading contracts during Obama Administration:

Federal Reserve: Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke,Roger Ferguson,Janet Yellen,Timothy Geithner.

US Government: Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Jack Lew, Paul O’Neill, Neil Wolin.

Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Obama. This Kenyan born, empty suited con man nearly destroyed the US with his Socialist ideology, his Islamist religious subservience and his predicament of being easily the most blackmailed and compromised president in US history. 

Nothing but a yes man who was only too eager to do the bidding of cabalists such as George Soros, der Fuhrer himself, George HW Bush and others of bloodline heritage. Even his most ardent of supporters would be hard pressed to identify any achievement in his 8 pathetic years except to steer the ship of state into a hurricane of such destructive proportions as to completely obliterate American values enumerated in the Constitution, and run up the highest deficit in history. 

This one Illegal Trade was 25 Trillion, three documents ; -Au-2009.pdf

There are storms raging all over the US, both premiere law enforcement agencies, the FBI and DOJ, also now the Federal Reserve, are under severe attack using military OPS, and a serious cleansing and imprisoning campaign is underway.

“Security against defeat implies defensive tactics; ability to defeat the enemy means taking the offensive.” 

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  1. We need to deprogram Americans with bombardments of truth in a progressive manner so as not to short circuit their subservient programming.

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