I saw 13 Hours read the book saw the interviews. 
Well today I researched after the terror attack 
My take t was called in by the compound, I have the emails on my timeline feel free. 
First call for help Siganella air base no help 469 miles from Benghazi as the crow flies. Eta with fuel up and landing 1 hr. Second call Aviano NATO airbase 1044 miles as the crow flies eta 2.5 hours. 
Further research revealed as contractors were asking for a drone Obama was indeed watching them via drone feed from Situation Room.
F-16's told to stand down by Petreaus Paula was a smoke screen. What difference does it make uttered by Hillary CIA answer. Guns running to Syria all lives were to be sacrificed. 
Conclusion Hillary, Obama, Petreaus and Dempsey all murdered these people. 
I am calling fat Jewish mouth Schumer tomorrow telling him the facts I found and kick these murderers out. Arrest charge them with dereliction of duty and terrorism.
Feedback welcomed.


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