Bill O’Reilly YOUR FIRED. As Donald Trump would say, also now you’re going to have to pay for pleasure on your treasure

Bill Riley as Donald Trump would say you're fired it like I said in the headline from now on you are definitely going to have to pay the price to get closure on your treasure whenever you feel you need it or want it.   The problem with you medium maggots you think everything is free for you and that you can do whatever you want and that you're above the law just like Bill Clinton I'm sure that sooner or later one of the alphabet media news stations will pick you up and see to it that you have the pleasure on your treasure that you so desperately desire.   I'm sure you did Monica Lewitzky will be more than happy to tell us that desired pleasure on your treasure if the price is right and you have the money right now.  

  You had  to pay $13 million to court their pie holes and it still didn't work.    You spent $13 million to court their pie holes and you didn't get any pleasure on your treasure.   To everyone who reads this  I hope everyone who reads this post a comment I'm looking for your thoughts.   I'm sure that Bill O'Reilly can follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton and get whatever he wants because Bill Clinton will teach him the tricks of the dirty world.  What a friend of mine says what's up with the word bill does the word bill and tell you to be a sexual deviant let's talk about some of these assholes.  Bill Clinton,  Bill Clinton got whatever he wanted and I'm sure that son of a bitch didn't have to pay for it,  


Bill Cosby got what he wanted but the women didn't know about it until it was too late.   They only knew about it after they provided the pleasure always treasure.   Now we have Bill O'Reilly he probably was the guy that talk dirty to them but never was able to get to the point of getting the pleasure of the treasure.   If Bill O'Reilly was so smart he would've been doing what he wanted with women who were willing in a private life.   If it was real smart son of a bitch he would've gone by the motto that you never get your meat will you get your bacon.  


I wonder if anyone knows the names of the women that are accusing him of sexual deviancy.   All of the women that accused Bill Clinton of being a sexual deviant sure came out of the woodwork really quick I want of the women have the balls to come out and accuse Bill O'Reilly the way the women did to Bill Clinton I'm sure that there's going to be some kind of a club for the sexual deviance to come  together  and discuss their ideas and their fantasies maybe that island that sexual pervert  Took Bill Clinton on his private 727 maybe will all wind up down there and discuss topics

like pleasure on the treasure 101,  

Faces are batch catchers  101,

 in there like swimwear with no pain  101.  

Where to locate cheap lubrication 101  

eating is not cheating, 101.  

The power of denial 101  

poon  with out any cost  101.  

The  secrets  of acquiring heat on your meat while you're on your feet  101

 so you spent $13 million and did not acquire any pleasure on your treasure from someone else,  only pleasure on your treasure with your right hand.

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