Border Contracts for Southern Wall to go up in 60 Days

In the past 35 days, President Trump is making history by doing what no other President has done so quickly by keeping his campaign trail commitment to his voters. He said he was going to put up a wall on our southern border and he's doing it! In 60 days bids will go out for the construction of this wall. Regardless of whoever pays for it now, or later, that wall is going up. He has only been in for 35 days and each day I go the White House website and see his kept promises and I ask myself, what have I done in the past 35 days…nothing compared to this man! All my Demmie friends are so mad that he is in and doing what he said he would do. 

Furthermore, I'm in a deli today and a black guy who I know and used to serve ( I was a bartender) I noticed was very upset. I asked if he was ok. He told me the guy behind the counter is a racist. He added this is one fucking racist country and now even more with that idiot in the White House that my people built. Well, I was confused bc the guy behind the counter is from Pakistan and spoke broken English. WTF? Everyone is so quick to call each other racists now. And to blame Trump is just ridiculous. Hello? Trump is married to a foreign woman. They are not the same RACE!! Do people even know what the word racist means? WTF! Even Wikipedia thinks this whole racist word is not used property. Read this

On the way out the door, let's call him Frank, said to me, "I love you, Dee, you're not like the other ones." Again WTF?? Yes, I AM like the other ones, but I differ only in that I have respect for my fellow human-kind and don't pop shit. We all have to live here and hating my fellow man is just not on my list of shit to do today.

I have worked since I was 4!! Ranch girl. I am white, but trust me there is no white privilege here.  Because of money and non-insured health issues my savings, houses, Inn's that I owned, cars, all gone! I am now poor. Very poor. But I have my SSI and Medicaid, and yes, I JUST applied for food stamps. Yes, I'm that poor. But I didn't walk into this country with my hand out. I worked all my life and paid into to my SSI, unlike our border jumpers who have their hands out as soon as they get here. That SSI MY money (and the Queen's)!  Maybe I should go over the border and come back in and get better help. Maybe I should go over to Jamaica and see if they will help me out…HA! They have no welfare like many, many other countries, or help for the elderly in general. That's why they rob and loot, BC they have no help. The bars on their windows are doubled. I know! I have an older friend from there (yeah, she's black! Oh, I'm sucha racist, right?) and she moved here BC of the outrageous crime level there. They are so poor that they robbed her orchards every night just to eat. The black robbing the black? That's not racist. It's called hunger. There are two races now, the poor and the elite. And honey they WANT us fighting with each other. Don't feed into it. Quit with this racist shit. Trump didn't cause division. The Elite did. So, quit working freely for George Soros and gain a brain. 

And BTW, all the surgeons who have addressed my issue in the past 13 yrs are from India. Are they racist for not fully helping me? No, the medical system is broke! Is the medical system racist? No, they are the elite. They don't give a fuck what color you are as long as you have money. We are all test dummies for the Globalist when their bodies fail them. Wake up, people. America is broken and Trump is only trying to help us fix it. Yes, he is an Elite. Yes, he is part of the 6,000 that rule us. But he is a good ole boy, he is different in that aspect. He may have paid for the tractor and the gas, but he also drove it. Can George Soros say the same thing? No! He has had a driver all his thieving life. Remember, George Soros is happy to tell his story of being a Hitler Youth and taking all the valuables from the Jews (even though he is a Jew!) before they were sent off to gas chambers. See video below where he admits so much. Must see! THAT'S HOW HE MADE HIS MONEY! Not from standing and working next to his father in NYC and getting to know all the ropes before being lent a million. No! Donnie proved to his father way before the loan that he would be successful. Do you really think his father was just going to hand over a million bucks. No, his father was a crafty business man. And Trump didn't steal it from millions of Jews being sent off to die! So Black Lives Matter, who is owed by Georgie, has mind-fucked us all for far too long.  But the BLM members have been brain-washed as well. In fact, you have to take brain-washing classes to become a better protestor for this ignorant group. 

Perhaps, the protestors should put in a bid for this wall and get paid more for the efforts than George is paying them for standing all day at a corner with a sign because regardless of how they think, that wall is going up!

And to conclude, as I have stated before, there are two races now, the rich and the poor, and if you didn't make the cut by now, you never will. Quit fighting with each other and rise against the Globalist that started this division. There's only around 6,000 of them. There are billions of us!

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