BREAKING: Lynch & Obama Just Admitted it, They Just “Lost” A Terrorist

lynch and obama

We’ve seen too many mistakes to count. Obama has dropped the ball on more than one occasion. But it’s not just him. His entire pack of left-wingers have contributed practically nothing.

Well, they just messed up again, but this time it was BIG. Who was involved this time? None other than Attorney General Loretta Lynch. They are all crooked and in it together.

We’re sure that you remember the Orlando Massacre that happened recently. It turns out that Omar Mateen’s wife was also in on the killings. She is a terrorist just like him.

Yet even though Ms. Mateen is a dangerous terrorist at large in our country, she is nowhere to be found. Loretta Lynch went on the air and told reporters that she doesn’t “know exactly her location now.”

We can’t make this up. You’re just going to have to watch the video for yourself:

Furthermore, Mateen’s father won’t give up any information. We know exactly where he is, yet the FBI won’t question him or take any form of action. They are literally allowing terrorism to take place within American borders.

Right now all we know is that terrorist is on the loose somewhere in the United States. Her crime? Assisting her husband to “sacrifice to Allah” 49 Americans. It was a hate crime. It was a crime against the American people. It doesn’t matter if you approve of the Orlando club or not. We cannot tolerate this and lie idle as ISIS enters our homeland and kills our fellow countrymen.

Share this article on Facebook if you’re tired of the lies they have continued to feed us. Obama has done it for the past eight years and now Hillary is looking to continue the streak. Me must not allow this to happen. We must spread the word and make sure that our voices are heard as we work to build a better America and future for our children and grandchildren.


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