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Governor Chris Christie's minions, Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni, were being sentenced Monday in the Bridgegate scandal receiving 2 years prison time and 500 hours of community service each, while their former boss and companion, Christie, covers his tracks by striking out against opioid addiction this week. He is no hero; this just hits home for him. His brother, Todd Christie, is a well known drug addict who I have reported on before, and since Christie is leaving soon, he is lining up his ducks, as Obama did for a Transgender/sexual Nation.

Christie wants to pretend to help his brother and other addicts, but won't allow legal marijuana in state. Makes no sense. Marijuana has been studied enough to know it helps with opioid/alcohol/cocaine addiction to calm symptoms. It's not a cure-all. But it does help for those who want to get off hard drugs. Suboxone is the only thing helping these people right now, but it has it's side effects too. Again, heroin is not grown here. It is brought over from war-torn areas of the mid-east. War torn areas that we created thru the past three decades of democratic rule. Stop the border/harbor abuse and then the drug falls inactive. Remember Lady Michelle? 4.2 tons of cocaine bust weeks ago relating back to the now on the run Obama. Another “untouchable” because he is sitting in the Queens owned land which will not extradite him or even question his relationship with this island bust.

Bridgegate is one of Christie's mafia "untouchable" moments. Yes! He is involved with the mafia. He was questioned, but never charged with this scandal even though he knew about it the whole time. The cop who laid the cones down to convert traffic into one lane was a childhood friend of Christie's. Come on…Hello? Four and four make 8. Two and two, three and three, give me a fucking break.

Kelly will be serving time in NJ, so when I get the inmate number from my intel. I'll release that to the public so you can write her and tell her how you feel. I can't seem to find any articles of where she is being housed in the meantime. She will be serving in county first and shipped up state weeks after. She will be housed at Edna Mahan Correctional Facility. EMCF for short. PO Box 4004 Clinton NJ 08809.


Bill Baroni will be serving his time unknowingly where right now. I will find out, though. I already have my snoops on this. They both should get letters from all of you involved with this. A woman died bc of this. She had a heart attack and the ambulance could not get her in time to the hospital.

I'd check the commissary receipts to see who will support these two for taking the fall for the whole event. I'm not saying they are innocent, but they did take the brunt of this all. I will keep on this story more for you all since I'm right here and I know people with inside info on shit in the prisons around here.


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