Today in Nigeria, as everywhere else across the world, the Word of God sits exquisitely balanced in its triangulation of the enemy. The more conservatives that are tuned into this triangulation, the easier every pitiful liberal scheme or trick can be shut down (and out). Speaking of schemes and tricks, Trump Force Africa is very amused by the liberal trick where a San Francisco 49ers quarterback“Colon Crap-on-a-dick. Sorry I meant to say Colin Kreaperdick. Forget it, you know who I’m talking about.” We’re amused by the leftist trick where who you know I’m talking about is used as a tool for double edged propaganda and psychological warfare. One edge cuts away a great deal of attention from the monumental fiasco that Hillary represents as a presidential candidate. And the other edge tries to cut at the patriotic spirit. How are conservatives taking the wounds? Not too well sometimes we’re much worried to notice from over here. Our perception here is that conservatives should stop putting too much life force into passive statements. Statements such as what to do if marshal law sets in (elaborate preparations to make and all what not). Rather than more talk on what to do, it would calm the spirits of many peoples across the world if they see the American right talking much more about how to prevent marshal law in the first place. Other wounds from these knife cuts from the left is the tendency among American conservatives to view the Rothschild/Rockefeller process as unstoppable. As Africans and other peoples look up to Americans in many things, they naturally get jittery when an American conservative falls into these kinds of passive states. The globalists are not God. Therefore, they can be stopped and many of their perversions rolled back. They’re not God. It’s that simple (and that difficult).


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