Did Donald Trump Cheat?

We now are learning how Trump kept up his speed and drive during the campaign trail. He used drugs! Not just any ole drug. A drug that enhances your brain, which was on reserves for the rich and elite only. A new “smart pill”, which many like Kanye West and Tom Brady have been using to pump up the brain. Too early with the Brady jokes and Deflategate? Ok, LOL. I guess he heard Brain instead of Ball and, well, you know…ok, I’m done. The drug and company are called Neuro XR. Here’s their phone number toll free 413-333-3809 – 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.

People like Ashton Kutcher have been testing the drug on their employees. Kutchers startup company has been using the drug and claims efficiency has gone up 300%. There is a limited supply on this pill, but here is the link for it, and they ship in 24 hours. They are simple running out of it, so grab it now.

So, I ask the question, did Trump cheat because even though this drug has been studied for a decade now, it was only available to the elite, and performers, and actors, so forth. So, are the brainless democrats going to say this is a performance enhancing drug and shouldn’t be used during campaign trailing? That was using this drug is cheating? Hillary can’t say shit about all this because she was highly sedated during the trail. Only difference is she was doing downers, as her opponent was doing uppers. Should we count this as another big mistake she made? Plus her adding alcohol to all those downers didn’t help, as in comparatively he doesn’t drink at all!! Nor does he smoke, as she does/did. How do you feel about using this drug to help during the campaign and beyond? Love to hear your thoughts.



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