DNC in turmoil according to Insider’s

7:30pm 22 July 2016
By Kent Dunn Politicianreviews.com

Hillary Hillary Hillary, all the news wants you to believe, but with her e-mail scandals, lying to congress, and many other scandals the Democratic nominee is up to her neck in, Clinton foundation funds are frozen by the US Goverment on tax filings not to name the White Dragons society have a 1 Ton bounty of Gold on her head dead or alive. a new scandal is emerging Clinton's are Pay-to-Play politicians in a discovery by my inside source says Hillary's Game may have just backfired on her. Seem's Hillary has been making PAYOLA agreements to Super Delegates in the Democratic Party to make sure she wins, but the inside sources say she has no money to pay the delegates as promised and the DNC is not in finacial shape to make good on her promises and many Delegates are upset at her scandals and no PAYOLA that was promised. Rumor's are circulating this convention could be 1968 all over again in Philadelphia. no one has seen hillary in 7 days where is she hiding? why is the only thing we see is her staff and tweets? Karma is a Bitch and Hillary is inline for the bomb shell that is flowing back on her. 


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