Donald Trump is a Hillary Clinton plant for the President of the CFR Richard Haass.

Ted Cruz called the CFR organization “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty,” 

Donald waited until the 11th debate to finally name who the best is. What a shock to find out the President of the CFR Richard Haass was who Trump called the best to hire for NSA.

Liberals want us to become a country that is part of the One World Order. Just say NO TO THAT! Don't vote for trump.

Just to clarify- the CFR is the Counsel for Foreign Relations Globalist who want Sharia and other changes in our national soverignty.
Its up to you to share to the whole nation the truth about Donald Trump. The truth shall set you free!! 

Greg Neal 

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  1. I love the videos that you posted I hope you come to this website often and post as much as you want I don’t know how you got the videos posted up there but great job keep up the work the American people need to see freedom of speech in action

  2. It’s nice to know that there are people that are willing to speak up against the things that are going wrong with the country and that are willing to expose the politicians who do not care about the country or do not respect the constitution and are not willing to listen to their constituents those people need to go away and the American people need to learn to speak up before it’s too late.

    It’s so much easier to speak up and bitch and moan after you’ve been screwed spend some time bitching and moaning and beef or you get screwed and then you won’t baby will not get screwed it’s time to teach the politicians and political cameras that the American people are not going to sit back and look the other way as these politicians and DC maggots continue to destroy the country

  3. Marsha Atterberry

    After being a participant on Face Book for about a year I’ve come to the conclusion that basically there are 2 kinds of participants.. The very interested reader, and the very interested in headlines reader.. Sadly, the way many posts are headlined, they are very misleading! So a large segment of our society gets a very different perception of what the truth may or may not be!
    Our media operates the same way, sound bites that are either titillating or just plain misleading! Short, leading spots that skew the reader in the desired direction.
    Until, there is some news presented to American people THAT IS THE TRUTH, headlines like this one will attain its goal.. It is purposfully deceiving! Those readers, and there are many, that are to apathetic to bother to check truth from fiction! Hence, a poor impression is made and the press have done their job of mind manipulation!

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