Donald Trump knows how to speak his mind other politicians know how to look the other way

The recent double trumpet so popular is because he has balls and he's willing to stand up to the American people. He's willing to stand up for the constitution. He's willing to stand up against the dirty politicians which I call DC MAGGOTS. He knows that the Democrats and the Republicans have been looking the other way as our country is being picked apart by the DC maggots and it's time for that to change Watch this video below and by the way I want everybody to know something.


if you are a veteran I want you to contact me. I want to hear from people that are veterans or people that are family members of veterans that are in need of help. It's time we start promoting politicians that are doing their jobs and it's time that we start exposing the politicians that are not doing their jobs and those are the ones that need to be removed from their position of power over the American people

I want to show veterans how they can use this website to get the help they need. Look me up on Facebook.

Stick Bogart look for the profile that has the big dog picture in the background. Send me a message and let me know that you read this review and that you need to know how to use this website to your advantage and if you send me your number I will call you




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