Donald Trump is a fascist but the way we are now in the UInited States impoverished, no jobs, ISIS is at our door and here too slashing and killing people. 

No negotiations isolationalism is the way to go. Kick ass pull back out troops. Energy independence no matter the cost, the only thing we don't have is tea. So those tea totalers well drink herbal or coffee. No more student VISAS educate from the bottom up.

Marriages must be a citizen to marry no more San Bernardino crap.

Fascism YES but Hitler in the beginning was a hard ass but a good plan Germany worked prospered and scientists developed weapons. Was it bad in the beginnning. YESl! We must take the chance it is our only hope.Hopefully Trump won't get nuts like Hitler.



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  1. We have to stand up for Donald Trump because he’s the only one that will break apart the political monopoly that the DC maggots had control of for way too long

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