Donald waited until the 11th debate to finally name who the best is. What a shock to find out the President of the CFR Richard Haass was who Trump called the best to hire for NSA.


Ted Cruz called the CFR organization “a pernicious nest of snakes” that is “working to undermine our sovereignty,” Just to clarify- the CFR is the Counsel for Foreign Relations Globalist who want Sharia and other changes in our national soverignty.

Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain who own and run the U.S. Government. 

These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all. 

They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely.

It's better to prepare your soul for the eternal life in God's Kingdom than gain the whole world for your own pleasure. I'd rather be broken, poor and hungry knowing I'm saved through the blood of Jesus than to be lost but rich and sold to the world. Our life on planet Earth no matter how many years we live isn't even a blink compared to our eternal life whether it's Heaven or Hell! If you ask me where is Hell at, I'll just say it's patiently waiting at the end of your life if you're not saved and born again through Jesus Christ.


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  1. Karen Abrams 1. 03/19/2016

    9 Brook Lane

    Bowdoinham, Maine 04008



    To Whom It May Concern,

    Hello… my name is Karen Abrams. I am writing on behalf of my husband Jesse Abrams. I am sure you get letters by the thousands asking for this and that. I am not sure how I feel writing this letter to the foundation. Our story is not at all uncommon or the outcome sadly. I am writing from my heart to this group in hopes someone will listen.

    Jesse Abrams is a veteran… with 20 years of naval service to his country. Jesse served on such ships as the USS. Cole and many others. Had Jesse been on board the day of the bombing in Yemen he would not be here today, he was out for a urethra reconstruct. He lost 15 of his friends that awful day. Jesse suffers from survivor’s guilt thinking about how he should have been there with his galley workers.

    I will try to cut this down as much as possible. Jesse got out of the military in 2006. We were married in 2007.

    We moved all over trying to get work and survive… it was hard to find stability even after 20 yrs. He was older and got harder to find jobs.

    We moved to Bonita Springs Florida in 2012. Now to the part that I’m trying to explain why I am writing to you and this group specifically.

    Moving forward to January 2013. Jesse and I had good jobs. He the warehouse manager at best moving in Naples, Florida and I was the office manager at a Bonita springs hearing aid doctor’s office.

    Little did we know our lives would be changed forever by the Miami VAMC, Miami!

    Jesse woke up to get ready for work one early morning in January… he went into the bathroom and came back out yelling to me “Karen I think I need you!” I went into the bathroom while he stood there and a toilet bowl full of blood was in my


    Presence. Immediately I called 911 and they took him to the Naples hospital closest to us.

    They said he had a very bad infection and he should talk to his urologist right away. We went to Cape Coral clinic (veteran clinic) to see his urologist that very same day. The doctor saw Jesse prescribed him some meds and said he wants to do a scope test. We agreed … they found nothing, chalked it up to infection. I however did not and I was not comfortable in leaving things that way… I insisted on more testing. The vamc decided to do a wash … terminology used to test for cancer and scoping again.

    Doctor again said he saw nothing and I still was not able to wrap my head around it. My gut told me something is very wrong with Jesse. I started to read and look up what could have caused all the blood in amounts that I saw.

    Well the phone rang one late evening, and the call of a life time came in. The wash results finally where in and Jesse tested positive for cancerous cells. Next step was biopsy of his bladder area. It took me weeks to get that scheduled. They wanted to wait longer and I wouldn’t take no for an answer I insisted he get this done right away. Off to Tampa we went for his biopsy. A mess of miscommunications and wrong information led us in staying an extra night there and then getting his biopsy in March. Doctor came out of O.R. took his hat off and said it had spread and it was two different kinds. In pure devastation we had to go home. The longest drive back to Bonita Springs there was.

    Doctors called us in for a meeting in Cape Coral to discuss options. Jesse was not a candidate for neo bladder… This means he would have a urostomy bag hanging from the front of him for the rest of his life. Jesse was told he had to go to Miami to the vamc. We were told the best of the best urologist where there. They had no appointments even though his cancer had spread. They offered no chemo treatments. It was a month before he actually had surgery on April 23, 2013.

    We were prepared for this urostomy bag… that Jesse would not have a bladder and we would both return to as normal life as it was. He would be able to work and so would I.


    What I am about to tell you has some horrific and barbaric things that happened next. So if you can’t read bad things or have a weak stomach … maybe someone else can read and explain. I only have one way of telling this and that’s through my eyes and memories. I have pictures to…

    Jesse was supposed to be the first laparoscopic bladder removal patient in the history of the Miami vamc. The doctor … Dr. Jorge Kaso said that the surgery will be less invasive and quicker healing. Little did I know that 4-6 hour surgery would be 12 hours of no one telling me anything about what was happening! I paced floors near the ICU waiting, worrying and crying. The performing doctor came out that night saying we got him through the laparoscopic procedure was a failure 4 hours into surgery and he is being sewn up and will be rolling by you in a few min. I was happy he was alive … at what capacity I was not aware of. They took his urethra and prostate through the scrotum and removed the bladder through a 15x5x5 inch hole in the front of him. What we went through since has been unbelievable at the hands of incompetent doctors and nurses.

    Where was I? Oh yes the ICU waiting room…

    I happened to have stepped into the door way and see what looked like Jabba the Hutt being wheeled in front of me. They said my name and it took me a min to realize omg that’s Jesse. Omg he so full of fluid his eyes where budging out of his head and still was unconscious. I just about fell on the floor. He had 8 pts of fluid and 2 blood transfusions. No one prepared me for what was going to happen over the next 38 days. Jesse was very sick and in and out of the ICU. 9 times that I can remember. I was staying at the fisher house in Miami as our home was in Bonita springs 3 hours away. He was back in forth between floors. No one knew why he was retaining so much fluid and why he was feverish and sick. I kept asking questions …. Why would he look this bad even after 2 weeks, well three weeks rolls around actually 27 days rolled around! Now mind you I have my college age son back in Bonita attending classes and taking care of our pets. Bills are collecting and I have no idea what I’m to do.


    One morning doctor Kaso came in the room mind you not the cleanest of rooms … heck I had to have him moved from one

    Room because I saw mold in the walls …I have pictures. Doctor Kaso came in and said I need to know where is all the fluid coming from … I was asking everyone the same question.

    Here comes a very barbaric part for Jesse. Doctor Kaso stuck his finger in the front incision the 15x5x5 hole and said to a nurse please get me a suture removal kit. She went and got one. Well as I hold jesses ankles down with no pain shot on board, Jesse was in excruciating pain. The doctor began to cut a couple of the thousands of stitches and Jesse dehisced! For those of you who don’t know what that is it means he fell apart like a filet of fish and I got to see his insides to his small bowl. The smell was unreal. They had botched his surgery up so bad. The closing doc or intern (gerowitz) had nicked a 3 cm. hole in his small bowl and the surgery had collapsed … the ureters where not connected to his kidneys properly. Urine and fecal matter backed up inside Jesse for 27 days before sending him back to O.R that afternoon. All five layers of his stomach eaten away from the inside out. They said these things happen it’s a fistula but they didn’t know what to do to save him. Teams of doctors none on the same page telling me one thing and doing another with the other team that was brought in (general surgery). Jesse went back to surgery to see if they could clean it up and sew him back together. They were unsuccessful in a lot of ways. They tied him up like a roast and put a wound vac on him to suck out the fecal matter. Little did they know and I trusted them to know that this very well is the reason he has had 28 procedures to date lost a kidney and his only kidney in and out and has to be checked often.

    I was wound care trained in Miami VA to change his now colostomy and urostomy and the gaping hole in the front of him. I knew that I needed to get him out of there … they were killing him and no one cared. It was ordered to wipe jesses scrotum area that was leaking with fecal matter every 15 min. they looked at me and said sorry we don’t have the staff to do this. So I did it for him. They left containers of wound vac materials (all fecal matter mixed with urine and blood all over the room) the wound vac was filling so fast with these things


    That he was back in ICU again no one knew what the material was… If not for a wound care nurse of 20 yrs. telling me Karen

    Do not let them send you home with what is going into those containers I have never seen anything like it! That put me at alarm and I had to demand testing … they didn’t want to … or they knew and didn’t want to tell me. This fistula wasn’t healing and the surgery was yet still failing.

    After much stabilization and nights of no sleep. As I could not trust nurses who left him in bloody bandages, sitting in a chair with vomit on him for over an hour with a hole in the front. The nurses of that 11th floor where barbaric to say the least.

    Blood spills on the floor. This was like a bad nightmare for us and while Jesse was asleep full of dilated and feeding tube he just wanted to die. And I was not letting him.

    Now while this is happening … we are not able to pay a bill. I had filled for his Social security, but you know how that goes months of waiting. I called groups such as the wounded warrior project they rejected my call for help. No gas money no money for bills and we were going to be evicted. Not once but twice. Jesse was disabled from day one of his surgery. We both lost our jobs as I am his full time caregiver.

    I knew after we were able to move him I knew I needed to take him anywhere but in Miami. The best of the best where contracted doctors and where not held responsible for anything that had happened.

    No one at the vamc cared we couldn’t get food stamps cars were to new (we lost anyways). We couldn’t get cash assistance because we had a claim in for S.S and his 100 percent disability. They kept denying he would be disabled and finally after 2 yrs. we got his disability. We struggle today still playing catch up.

    I might be running around in this a little as I’m trying to get it all out and this is very difficult to have to do this.

    Back to me taking him from Florida. A group called operation military embrace took care of bills for a little while so I could sell everything and move him to Maine. Where I met my husband 9 yrs. ago. He was a sailor here. I thought moving him north would prove to be beneficial. And I was right in saving his life. Like I said he has had 28 procedures in under three yrs. He is depressed he has PTSD and worst of all constant pain. When I


    Moved him here to Maine I thought our quality of life would change. It worked for a bit. The one thing I did not account for was the cold and snow and how his body would react.

    Recently Jesse has had a meltdown. Crying is so unlike him… he’s a man and crying not a choice. He said they took it all away from me. They took extensive gland removal so he can no longer perform sexually, he has surgical neuropathy, fiber myalgia, and you can’t pluck a hair from him without him being upset he feels less of a man each day that passes.

    Jesse said to me “Karen I know you love it here”

    … Its peaceful and quiet and most of all I know how much you love the cold and snow. He said I’m sorry I can’t take it anymore… I can’t take the cold and snow… I can’t take wind chills of 30 below with my service dog who is in training and needs to be with him and only him.

    Here is my Dilemma… he medically needs to be moved down to like Tennessee so he may have a climate that is more forgiving to his body. It’s not about me but I need help. I need help with a truck, gas, rent deposit, and rent and finding a home we can rest and focus on the matter at hand and that is his health. I need to fly someone to help us move. There has been an enormous weight on my shoulders that the VAMC does not care about. They ran the clock out so we could not hold this still head of urology’s doc responsible. And the care he received in the vamc was truly barbaric.

    I have done a radio show out of Texas last month on jesses vamc care and have talked with many people about Jesse and what I need to do.

    Operation military embrace out of Texas has it so we can receive donations through them. They will back our story. They know each and every detail and they will vouch for us.

    Can you all find it in your hearts to help me help Jesse? Please

    Operation military embrace cannot help us financially as we are out of the allowed time.

    Jerry and Debbie Reed are the contacts at

    I hated to have to write this to y’all. I hated to have to tell this whole story over again. I suffer from nightmares and PTSD


    From childhood myself and my body isn’t holding up to well after three yrs. Swollen joints 7 herniated discs and a slew of

    Pain from being his full time care giver. I don’t mind taking care of

    Him it is my job and I took vows that said in sickness and in health.

    I reach to you in hopes that someone will hear me and not send me to another link or phone number. There doesn’t seem to be acceptations to the rules such as unless he has been wounded in war he’s not eligible for help. What happens when our veterans have seen a war at home and it’s on our soil it’s called the Veterans Administrative Hospitals. Over worked, understaffed and horrifically uncleanly. I have written to governors, senators, and heck even the president of the United States. Senator Susan Collins office in Maine was the only one to help me get jesses disability after two yrs. of fighting for it.

    We are Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice and now Jesse still is sacrificing … something is wrong with this picture.

    Please help me help him … I have until the last week of July to move him to a climate like Tennessee. We sign new lease here in Maine on the first of august. I can’t in my heart watch this man suffer any longer. Please, please. Help!!!!


    Karen Abrams

    9 Brook Lane

    Bowdoinham, Maine 04008



    From a loving wife of my veteran!

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