FULL Event: Donald Trump Holds Rally in Spokane, WA (5-7-16)

 Donald Trop will not put up with the United Nations trying to take over this country ..  If you personally believe in any freedom that you currently have and you want to hold onto it you better vote for Donald Trump because he's not going to put up with  any emotional  bullshit from the United Nations or any other country that wants to financially destroyed this country.

 if you value your freedom and U-value do unique freedom that this country provides everyone who wants to get off of their fat ass and go to work then you need to vote for Donald Trump.  Believe it or not there are people in other countries that want to destroy this country they want to destroy the fabric of this country and they want to destroy the financial world of this country .


 The American people need to stand up for the freedom that they currently have a phone for Donald Trump because he does not have any financial ties to leaders of other countries that are putting money into his pocket under the table like Hillary Clinton.  Hillary does not want to release the money that's in her so-called foundation water bucket that you just not want to release the names of the people could've donated money to that so-called foundation .  If you ask me all that money should be taken out of that so-called money laundering bucket that Hillary Clinton have a give it to the veterans of the proud military who have served our country and consistently worked to protect our freedom 


 if you believe in this website share it with your friends you freedom of speech will always be respected without censorship as long as it's about politics and political candidates of your choice .


 The mission with this website is for you to activate your freedom of speech and you can bitch and moan about any politician or political candidate of your choice   If you do not use your freedom of speech the DC maggots will sense that you do not care about it and they will take it away from you .


 just think about all of the money that goes to Washington DC out of the American text pants pockets and is given away to other countries in the form of foreign aid do you think Donald Trump would put a stop to that bullshit I believe he will .


 and no politician wants to release the names of the countries that are receiving monthly amounts of money out of the taxpayers pockets .  I ask why is that maybe they get money in their pockets after they get out of political power   From the people that they've given money to not their money our money .


 wake up and use your freedom of speech that what this website is for and watch the videos below and share this website with your friends on tape  Facebook 

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