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Politics do not srart and end with the President, or the Vice President, or our Congreemen and women. No, politics start and continue with the local average Joe or Jane. People with the loidest voice in todays politics it seems is the "winner". Whomever that can splatter their name across your tv screen or local billboard is the winner. The internet changed all that, though. Todays politicians cannot keep up with this change,. Unfortunately though, todays politicians find ways to coirrupt even the web through extortion and favors. Our voice is now alloted to be heard across the world on the world wide web. Little voice are now shouting figures. Voices to be reconed with, so to speak. One of those voices is Matt Tim from New Jersey. 

Mr.Tim is an amazing independent journalist on Youtube. He has his own channel under his name. He is centered on politics in New Jersey. He is quite intelligent when it comes to politics and economy.  He claims that NJ economy is failing. But he has a plan. Listen and watch his latest video and more on his advise to NJ.. Please like and subscribe to his channel and give this man your time and support. Enjoy!

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