Grab The Breast, Get Fired: Grab The Coochie, Get Hired

The wife of the Alabama governor who just resigned orchestrated his downfall after she caught him cheating.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley Quits Over Sex Scandal, Kay Ivey Replaces Him.

Alabama governor Robert Bentley resigns over alleged affair with top aide, political adviser Rebekah Caldwell Mason.

Ex-governor: Alabama 'needed to be relieved' from scandal.

Disgraced Alabama Governor Resigns in Midst of Impeachment Hearings, Criminal Charges.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigns amid sex scandal.

Alabama governor resigns, pleads guilty to charges tied to allegations he tried to cover up affair with a top aide.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigns following allegations of using state resources to hide affair.

Billy Bush Apologizes for Lewd Donald Trump Conversation.

Donald Trump and Billy Bush recording.

Billy Bush under fire over vulgar Trump tape.

Billy Bush and NBC strike a deal over his exit after lewd Trump tape.

NBC News fires Billy Bush over lewd Donald Trump tape.

In the 2005 tape, which was first revealed by The Washington Post, Trump discusses unsuccessfully seeking an affair with another "Access Hollywood" employee, Nancy O'Dell. 

Trump said that when he was attracted to beautiful women "I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet." He said that when you're a star, women let you.

"Grab them by the p—-. You can do anything," Trump added.

Trump defends Bill O'Reilly: 'I don't think Bill did anything wrong'.

Bill O'Reilly, ex-Fox chief hit with more sexual allegations.

Bill O’Reilly’s TV Ratings Jump As Advertisers Bail In Wake Of Harassment Settlements Report.

Bill O'Reilly Tells Viewers He's Taking a Vacation: 'We All Need R&R'. The Manning Report

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