Hannity: Chris Stevens’ Body dragged through the streets. What would Hillary do if terrorist did this to her daughter call

 Ask yourself this question if the terrorist did something like this to Hillary Clinton's daughter how would she respond ?  Watch the video and you post your thoughts about what Hillary Clinton would do if a terrorist did something to her daughter which she looked the other way and keep her PIE HOLE shut I don't think so.  I believe Hillary Clinton wants to destroy this country from with in  just as long as she gets political power over everyone's life.  

When he comes to our freedom she will push the envelope so hard to take every aspect of our freedom away from us.  She will help import what some call refugees what you're nothing more than socialistic terrorist the plan to destroy this country and call civil chaos.  

These people are not refugees these people are tools that they are going to use to create civil chaos at taxpayers expense.  The liberals want to call them refugees,  refugees from what ?  

We have enough uneducated people in this country they can't support themselves and now she wants to help import more refugees and guess who's going to pick up the tab to support them financially yes the American people.  It totally amazes me that people would vote for someone that wants to destroy their freedom. We have so many people in this country that wants something for free why should we import more of that kind of bullshit.  


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