Hillary Clinton belongs in Guantanamo.

The list Hillary Clinton's crimes against America and the American people are far too many to list them all in this review but for anyone whose not in the know I will name a few here. She let our ambassador to Libya die simply because she didn't like him while she watched it go down live on the satellite feed. She then lied and told the family members over the victims' caskets the attack on our embassy was caused by a youtube video even though she knew it was a planned terrorist attack at the time. She was involved in a deal that saw our country's Uranium handed over to Russia. She ran her State Department email through a private server that was hacked by Russia and China which gave them an incredible amount of top secret info. She then obstructed justice by deleting 30 thousand of these emails before handing the server over on subpeona. She even covered for and attacked the several female victims of her husband Bill, a serial rapist. Her supporters are sick psychopaths who know how evil this cunt is, and simply don't care. If you vote for Hillary, you are a terrorist.

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  1. I love it when people use their freedom of speech it really excites me….

    On this website you can do just as the guy Who has posted this review you can promote any politician or political candidate of your choice in your words and not have to worry about anything being removed because some politician or some DC Maggitt does not like what you have to say…

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