Hillary Clinton Email Contained Intelligence About Human Spying – Email Scandal – Happening Now

Published on Jan 19, 2016

Intel Official: Hillary Clinton Emails Had Info More Sensitive Than Top Secret – Email Scandal Lives At Risk – The Real Story
Fmr CIA Agent Charles Faddis: If This Information Is Compromise We Are going To Suffer Very Serious National Security Damage, People Are Going To Die Basically

So many people in the past have always voted for somebody they like to because of emotional attachment to that particular candidate. There is so much sensitive data out there that politicians send back and forth so our federal government has insisted that to make sure that all sensitive information being passed back-and-forth through emails to be on a governments secured server…

They insist on this to make sure that no secret or top-secret data can be hacked by other countries that may be our enemy.  They also want to secure our military troops lives. And also protect top secret agents that do investigations for our military and our government.  It seems that Hillary Clinton does not care about that I believe that there was information on her server or she knew that was going to be information on her server that she did not want anyone to have access to including our government but she was willing to take the chance of her server for private server that was stored apparently in somebody's bathroom someplace because she probably was doing deals with people from other countries that may be our enemy and she didn't want anyone to find out

God only knows what kind of deal she's made with other people in other countries think about this for a second has it ever been released to the general public the amount of money that's in the so-called Clinton foundation ? Has it ever been released to the general public who the people are that have donated to the so-called foundation ?

Has it ever been released to the general public what the money is being used for ?
Has it ever been released to the general public how many people are getting paid weekly paychecks out of the so-called Clinton foundation ? The answer is no I personally believe that this so-called foundation the Clinton foundation is nothing more than a money laundering bucket. I hope you enjoy the videos that are in this review it's important that we all start voting with common sense and fax and not emotions

We Americans have been screwed so many times by politicians on the left and on the right our founding fathers put together the Constitution because they knew that people get acquire power can easily become corrupt. When that happens our freedom is taken away from us little by little they constantly been attacking the constitution trying to take away the first amendment and trying to take away the second amendment and so many others that were given to us by our founding fathers of this great nation

We Americans must come together collectively as a team and expose the politicians that continue to look the other way is our country is being destroyed from with in by politicians and maybe even political candidates.

It is your job it is my job it is every Americans job to protect this country and expose politicians when they are doing things wrong against the country that they are supposed to be representing and do things wrong to the American people who pay their fat juicy salaries.

Name me one politician that will post a bullet list of the benefits that they receive that you and I will never have access to because we are not sitting in the same chairs that they are sitting in. …….

We've developed this website for you the American people we know so many people complain about some social media websites cherry picking what they do not want posted about politicians maybe the owners of the websites like to lead to the left or lean to the right this website is for you the American people to understand that you should be speaking up when something is wrong and you should be able to use the website that's not going to toss censorship on everything that you post about politicians or political candidates. Hillary Clinton is not a person in my believe that anyone can trust. How is it that her daughter can afford to buy a $10 million condo in New York. Do you realize the kind of money that you have to take home monthly to be able to get a $10 million loan to buy a condo ? Maybe the full $10 million was extracted from the so-called Clinton foundation and pay cash for her condo if that's the case where did the money come from who are the people donating to this so-called foundation like I said I believe it is in money laundering bucket..

Those donations to that foundation should be exposed and revealed to the general public the names of the people the names of the companies that donated money to that so-called foundation.

Personally I believe all of that money should be extracted from the so-called foundation and put in an account that used to help our veterans who constantly fight for our country and fight for our freedom and fight to keep our Constitution alive and as it was originally written. Are you on the same page with me about this do you believe the The Constitution should be respected and left as it is ?

Think about it I don't care if you're a Democrat I don't care if you're Republican do we want somebody in a position of political power that's willing to put sensitive data on a private server they can easily be hacked ?

You know what it's like to have your Sosa security and private information about you stolen and your personal identity information used to go out and purchase all kinds of things at your expense you know what it's like to have to deal with clearing up your credit cleaning up a financial mess that somebody else has  created behind your back  can you imagine if your husband or your wife was in the military working undercover to collect secret data about what other countries may be planning to do against us and your husband or your wife's identity has been released because of somebody hacking the Hillary Clinton email ? With that be fair to you when your husband or wife ?

Never use your emotions when you go to vote for somebody to put them in a position of political power that can definitely change the direction of your life they don't care in most cases about who you are and what happens to you. We all know many of them will tell you anything to get into a position of political power some people are obsessed with having power at their fingertips of controlling other people's life's that has to be changed we need to come together and we need to focus on what they are saying we need to focus on what they've done in the past

So many people thought that they were going to get something free with the so-called Obama health care plan. It's been a debacle and everybody knows it. Nobody was ever refused medical care anybody can go to a hospital if they have urgent situations and they will be treated it's against the law for a hospital to deny healthcare.  The people they constructed the Obama healthcare did not care about the American people

Another thing every time you hear the word (Comprehensive ) remember this every bill that they put together that supposedly comprehensive is always printed on several thousand pieces of paper. How can they call something that's printed on 2000 pieces of paper comprehensive. .?

Just remember you can use this website anymore time you want to post about any politician no political candidate your freedom of speech will always be respected and never fuck with your emotions because you always get screwed it's like going to a car dealership and saying you can't wait to get that car you'll do anything to get that car and guess what the people selling you the car will see to it that you pay more than you needed to.   Never negotiate with your emotions on your shoulder. If you want that car never tell them that that's the car that you want to look at something that you do not want first test drive many cars that you do not want first and then slowly walk to the car that you really want and act like you don't need it but it would be nice

You need to do that with politicians you need to look at what they've done look at their past look what they're saying are they willing to meet with the American people in big groups and take questions from the American people not people from the media people from the media always have questions written down on pieces of paper that their bosses told them to ask it's a staged event.

And most of the people in these big crowds are strategically placed in the big crowds for certain people to pick to let them ask questions not the people that are turning the wrenches in this country not the people that are picking up shovels and digging in your backyard and making sure that you have a beautiful landscaping surrounding your house. Not the people that Drive trucks all over the country hauling the goods to stores that you get to buy those people are not the ones that are not allowed to ask questions of political candidates

I personally went to a debate party of a gentleman by the name of Alex Meluskey Who is a political candidate that's running to get Senator John McCain and most of these types of events the political candidates stay far away from the general public they only focus on kissing the asses of the people that are putting big amounts of money into their political campaign financial bucket.

 I was invited to this debate party and Alex was walking around talking to everybody. Anybody that walked up to the door was allowed to go in and get something to drink and eat pizza at converse with other people that are supporting Alex. He invited me into his personal office at his campaign headquarters and he had a chat with me and I recorded videos so you could listen to what he had to say he is a guy that's willing to stand up for the American people and I told him that I would hold them personally caliber for the promises that he is going to make to the American people in the state of Arizona…

I have to say that I like what you had to say I never donated any money to his campaign because I don't have it if I did I probably would do that… Vote with fax vote  with evidence vote with proof what a candidate has done or has not done. This is not a football game with your for one team and you're against another team at the end there was a winner and a loser.  If we wait for the wrong person all of us Democrat Republican tea party independent whatever you are we all get screwed.

It's not about the Democrats, it's not about the Republicans, it's not about the independence, and certainly it's not about the tea party. It's about this country we live in the greatest country on the planet and many of you know that.  If we do not send our great country it will no longer exist because evil people will do whatever they can to take it away from us.. You can watch the news on TV you can listen to political radio shows on the radio you can surf the Internet but do you have the ability to spot facts, do you have the ability to spot the truth ???

I certainly hope that you do we have to change this country please watch the videos at the bottom of this review and you post comments on this personal review that I've posted about Hillary Clinton.  You can post on this website without censorship it's my job to make sure that you know that you could use this website without censorship..

I guess  I'm going to take the lead on this website to make sure you understand what freedom looks like when you have the  First Amendment which is the freedom of speech.. Many countries on this planet do not provide their citizens a Constitution and the freedom of speech you have that right in this country so it's time you start using it yes I post stuff on this website that I want you to consider but I want you to also know that you can post what you want about any political candidate or any current politician or past politician of your choice and remember that it will not be removed because somebody else does not like what you had to say….

Freedom of speech is alive as long as you use it but if you don't it will be taken away from you because so many politicians do not like it the dirty ones that is…..

Best regards.

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  1. Hitlery has blood on her hands. She’s responsible for the murder of five young American heroes. Isn’t it strange how everyone close to the Clintons ends up dying mysteriously? She gave away about 50% I believe it was of our uranium to Russia and she’s a total lover of policies that will destroy America, such as Obama’s already failed policies. She cheated in Iowa. She made up some lie about Benghazi being caused by the release of a YouTube video when she had emails informing her of the truth. Her and Obama sat around doing nothing. Both are traitors, guilty of treason and need to be imprisoned. Trump needs to be put into office and fix the damage they’ve done to this country.

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