Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for involvement in an elite Washington pedophile ring, according to veteran State Department official Steve Pieczenik.

Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for involvement in an elite Washington pedophile ring, according to veteran State Department official Steve Pieczenik. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12zVlaZyX3Q

Billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his relationship with Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and other famous names, and their connection to a high-level sex scandal is exposed by Conchita and Cristina Sarnoff. http://bit.ly/2eH3ELq

Anthony Weiner Talking to FBI about underage Sex Island (Lolita)
The FBI wants to know everything about the Lolita Island that Jeffrey Epstein owns. Lucky for them Anthony Weiner knows a lot about the Underage sex Island that Bill Clinton would visit and Weiner is ready to Talk. http://bit.ly/2f4u9xv

Hillary has a LONG history of interest in Ms. Silsby. Wikileak emails dating back till at least 2001 have been found in her archives discussing Laura’s NGO. Laura had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. They instead located to Haiti.


Missionary Stumbles on Road to Haiti – http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052748703357104575045794048725562

One of the first things Hillary did when she took over the scene in Haiti was to get Laura off the hook:

The attorney who represented Laura Silsby – A man who was himself convicted as a sex trafficker:

WikiLeaks: Pricing how much it costs to transport children:

Again, this was the same group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.

They’re in the Clinton Emails;

Pitch for funding or some shit, super sketchy.

This looks like Mills & co are drafting statements following extradition.

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Jorge Puello (real name – JORGE TORRES ORELLANA) is their lawyer who also was charged in el salvador for child sex trafficking.


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