Hillary Clinton Our Story – Venezuela’s Secret & 21st Century Socialism

 Don't  hesitate to believe that Hillary Clinton is not for this because I'm sure that she is.

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The biggest misconception of the century.

Many still believe Venezuela is a democracy and this belief gives the "government" the leverage they need to retain their power, but together we can defeat this dangerous misconception. This regime and their actions have affected the whole world, but still they believe they are untouchable. Let's prove them wrong. Regardless of what political ideology you support, let us come together and stand behind these students, and their noble act of defiance. Share this video, and please let the world hear our SOS. Witness our nightmare. Share our story. Be Our Voice.  

We need your voice, 
now more than ever.

#SOSVenezuela #FreeOurStudents #FightControl ▩▨▧▦▥▤

This video was made by students, for students, for AWARENESS purposes only.
We do not own any of the material used to make this video.

Especial thanks to all the amazing composers who allowed us to use their music to further spread our message. Every track on this video was carefully chosen from more than 300 different songs. The music used for this video has been modified to fit the video's time-frame. If you want to hear the musical tracks at their best, we encourage you to visit their corresponding composer's channel.
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