Hillary Clinton Reviews: Hillary is a Blood Drinking Reptile

Hillary Rodham Diana ( her witch name, look it up) Clinton is a blood drinking Reptile and a true witch. Bill Clinton backed that up years ago, saying he wasn't allowed to go to her meetings with these witches, but Bill Clinton is dead and cannot confirm anything now. He's been dead for about a month. He died in the Clinton Library up top in the residence area. People can rent out rooms there normally, but for the past three months not a room one was available. Reason: Because Bill's closet friends and family were staying in those rooms to help him pass with comfort since Hillary won't do that job.

Not too long ago, he asked a journalist to do an interview with him to clear his conscience. I still haven't seen that interview, but perhaps it was halted for awhile. They buried Bill quietly in fear of Danney Williams (his son with a black prostitute that Bill frequented) and others were going to dig him up for his DNA. Or to drink out of his head (lol).

The Billary's, as I call them, are related, as stated by Dr. William Mount. That is why they never had any kids together. Dr. Mount claims that one is a Rothschild and the other is a Rockefeller. I can't remember which one is which. He goes as so far to state that they are actually siblings, and all this was set long before the two of them were even born. Not sure if I believe all that, but I do know that Alex Jones just offered Chelsea a million bucks to give up her DNA, in which she flat out refused to do for him and the public. Reason: Because Chelsea Clinton is Webb Hubble's child!!

Danney said one time that he wanted to meet his sister, Chelsea. That's nice and everything that he wants to meet and know her, but Chelsea has known (most of her life, in fact), that Danney is not her brother. And she is right, they are not related. So, her thoughts behind all this denial of Danney into this twisted family are true, but in a sick, round about way. And she feels comfortable with this half lie, I'm sure.

Chelsea, as told to me by a Secret Service Agent that was assigned for a short period of service to the Clintons (Trust me, unless you were corrupt, you were not an Agent on that assignment for long. Hillary hired and fired more Agents than anyone in history,) that when Chelsea started getting her facial surgeries to look more like Bill and not like Webb Hubble ( because she was easily being recognized and QUESTIONED of her real father even way back when she was 10 or 11 or so) Chelsea flipped out on her mom (Killary), stating the pain was unbearable, that Hillary was not being a true mom and helping during her surgeries, and WHY would her mom insist upon these surgeries. The Hill had enough and was very drunk one night and screamed out the truth to Chelsea that Webb was her father, and Bill was just an insert to all her madness. That's not quite true; they were both inserts to take over US inc. And if Chelsea didn't like it; tooo bad! At this point in Chelsea's life, I feel sorry for her, but she has managed to over-come all that, put up with narcissist mother, and has become one of the biggest puppets of all time, soon passing her Mother and Father set up lies.

Recently at a book signing for her new book called “She Persisted”, Chelsea was questioned by The Rebel about her mother's (in)ability to help all the woman who have been told to be quiet and their voices were never heard, like Juanita Broaddrick who has claims that Bill raped her (in which I truly believe he did). Chelsea played the role quite well and moved The Rebel questioner right of the book signing line and refused to sign the book. She was rehearsed for this denying role year after year since that argument with her mother. You can tell she didn't have a soul about the question. She showed no sign of being upset. She knew this question very well, and was trained to deal with the on-going recent attacks she endures. I really want to see someone question her about her step father, but now that he is dead and buried (or cremated) one will never know the true story behind this twisted family.

People like me have kept up on this family, though, and we all want and deserve answers!! Perhaps Chelsea's next book will be after her mothers death when she needs some money after the Clinton Foundation and all other corruption from this family is torn from limb to limb?? I highly doubt it, though, she is much too trained. So back to my original sentence, she is half (maybe more) Reptile, she has no soul. Best thing to do is pray for these people/Reptiles because it damages their well-being and health. She has to drink the blood of a child to maintain that beautiful skin and organs (total sarcasm here).

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