Hillary Clinton reviews Such a socialistic pig Oh she wanted to do was take our freedom away from us


Hillary Clinton is so fake and phony and so many mush  heads actually believe anything she says. What are useless pig all she wanted to do is control the American people and take our freedom away from us she could give a shit less what Bill Clinton does he can do whatever he wants and screw as many women as he wants and she will look the other way because she was using him as a tool to try to be a DC Maggitt and become the president. Fortunately for us that never came to life


 Be glad that she's not the president of the United States otherwise this country would be in deep shit by now.

  Can you imagine the list of things of freedom that we have right now that she would want to take away from us and who the hell does she think she is to do I give up to 20% of the uranium in this country to the Russians where did that money go and who the hell gave her permission to do whatever she wants regarding the uranium in this country which does not belong to her the socialistic pig.


 Freedom of speech don't you just love it 



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