Hillary’s (Wheelchair) World

Hillary’s (Wheelchair) World

Hello, tax payers, we have been seeing the down stroke of Hillary Clinton’s health happen so rapidly lately, and new information from her own staff is being leaked that she has Parkinson’s disease. Alex Jones’s top reporter, Joe Biggs, went off record with one of her secret service members in Texas, and he stated that her health is so bad that she not only shits and pisses in a bag, she can barely walk, she has constant mini seizures, she needs way too many drugs or alcohol to carry on through the day than a normal person could handle, but she now requires the assists of a wheelchair. And it’s leaking that she paid into the millions for her April trip to an AM car trade show to acquire a few of the handicapped vans available. Best of the best, is what she got.

It makes me think, who else hid their health from the Nation…oh, right, Roosevelt did. Only difference is the MSM was not hot on his tail, reporting every little health issue that he had. He made nicey-nice with the press, unlike Hillary, and they constantly shot pictures of him standing, with assistants helping. Only in the end, did you start to see him in his wheelchair. No one even thought to question whether he was healthy enough to be president because he was doing such a good job.

And don’t even bother looking for pictures of her in this wheelchair lift, they have all been pulled. The only ones you will see are by the disinformation groups that photo-shop pictures to make a goof of it. They do this shit on purpose to off-set you when you actually see a real picture of her leaked. It’s coming, trust me. It’s all a game. And she has been winning so far, but money can’t buy her madness. And some secret service members can’t be bought, Hillary!






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