Huma is Missing!!

Rumor has it, Huma is done with the riff raff of the Clinton campaign. She is now on the run, so to speak. Her closeness to Hillary Clinton has had the nation's interest for two decades. Bill Clinton, the rapist, has stated many times to Larry Nichols, the former Clinton's hitman, that Hillary is so gay that she has had more women than him! Larry also witnessed Hillary raping 18 yr old Linda O'Donnell. Huma was given immunity by the F.B.I. days ago, but lied to them…so null and void, Huma. Hillary didn't teach you so well. She was on the plane with the campaign yesterday, but sat in back separate from HRC, sitting in the back of the plane crying. Today she is no where to be found. She is recorded saying her life is like "Living in Hell". I put that in the link below. Watch the last video as well. I believe that she is telling the truth about not knowing about most of those emails bc Dickboy is such a control freak, AND she is a complete idiot. He knows he can do that to her at the time of this recording bc she is sexually involved with Hill at this point and not giving him any lovings. awww, too bad LOL. That's what you get when you are forced into this arraigned marriage and have piled both of your plates full. The last video is raw tho, check it out. 

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