Ivanka and Jared buy house 2 Blocks from Obama

Reagan cut taxes effectively in 9 months, how will Trump compare with his new tax cuts? There will be two parts to this reform. One is ridding Obamacare, which has 20 taxes within. The following videos may help explain. Also, I linked in the full plan for you all to look over. Will it happen within the first 100 days? 


In the meantime, Obama has been building his own wall in America. Around his house in DC. The Obama’s have decided to stay in DC through the end of their children’s schooling for this year, and perhaps leave thereafter. This extra need for protection has the neighbors alarmed. A six foot brick wall is being installed this past week with a guard watch at the front gates. What's even more surprising for the neighbors are the Kushners. Yes, that's right! Ivanka and Jared have picked and bought a home 2 blocks from the Obama's. Talk about keeping your enemies close. 



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