Jenn Coombs- NJ Odditurd off Her Meds

Jennifer Coombs claims she is a first amendent auditor for the state of NJ. In reality she is just a pain in the ass, bugging cops and people. She claims she was arrested for "gathering content of a story", a claim she has repeated in many of her Youtube videos.

There is no story. She does not work for anyone, not enough herself. She has lied to the public and us real auditors are being attacked by her minions for putting her on blast. Below are some of her videos and Gunnison Undercovers videos in response to her lies. She needs to be taken down as an auditor; this is a false statement. 

Enjoy the madness of her videos. The first one I have posted in my legit website is of the arrest that she claims was for filming on public land. This is a lie. She was arrested for having 6-7 bench waarants out of three different towns. As you will see in the video, she was not on an audit, and has not posted that "supposed" audit. 

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  1. JEN has evolved from gathering content to BECOMING THE CONTENT …lol
    Tried to warn Matt and Gunny that she was TOXIC, but the gave her the benefit of the doubt, and you see how that worked out.

  2. I wentto the webpage,did the search for her,saw the warrants,so did a few others,this was 8-21-18. My only question is that gunnerson undercover had them in his video and both videos were taken down,why,i cant get answer,this is the proof to show she is lying

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