John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow’s

John Mccain Exposed By Vietnam Vets And Pow's

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didn't know all this about McCain but it confirms what I had suspected all along. He's been selling the country down the river for many years now, and his constant claims of "bipartisanship" have in reality compromised everything. He's a traitor, manipulator, and a phony.


Why do the good people of Arizona keep reelecting this evil psychopath ???


I've got a life and you are a monster and a traitor, McCain, along with your father-remember the USS Liberty!f


I see why Trump wouldn't apologize…McCain is a Snake!




+Junior D trump got 5 deferments in Vietnam stupid unemployed queer. trump was too scared of the viet cong to fight. fucking puss


Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria. people make 1 mistake and you think all 5 were mistakes and you should be forgiven. You are the filth of planet earth America


The Wounds He received in Vietnam coincide with the wounds that one would receive if they were shot down out of the air. Eye witnesses, including the man that saved him spoke about his injuries when they puled him from the lake


In my opinion, John McCain is a TRAITOR and should be executed, along with G.I. Jane Fonda. Two disgusting individuals.


To be honest, I have never been impressed by John McCain. The only issue and topic he can speak about is war. That's it. And a hero?? Sorry, he was one of many shot down pilots. Yes, brave to fight but certainly nothing heroic about being captured.


This man obviously has many demons in his closets & seeks to keep them hidden there, away from the American public forever. Why is he fighting so hard to keep information regarding the war, & his participation therein, secretive? What is he desperately hiding from ? What is in the files that is so revealing of his true person ? I can only think of two reasons


I knew since Scott Barnes writing of BOHICA of this duplicate SOB. Not to mention his earlier responsibility of one of the worst Naval fire disasters at sea due to his hot dogging on the carrier. What a POC


HOLY, HOLY FK! And I think I knew enough about these two that I rejected watching this 5-6 times. I don't know if you ever heard John Kerrys speech to congress on the dregs of Vietnam–very profound and dramatic, him being a veteran of that invasion. Now this tells me Kerry was a mole the whole time? 6:25 And McCain voted against 401 senators to search for soldiers missing in action?


I don't know if there were any POWs left in Vietnam, but I would think that an honest man would at least want to find out the truth and share it with the public. If it were a choice between McCain and other veterans, I tend to believe what the other veterans are saying over a politician who has shown himself to be a warmonger in recent years. What reason do McCain's critics have to lie about anything?



YOU SOBs!! For those who believe this GARBAGE, please do yourself the favor of researching the TRUTH!! The reason that McCain, Kerry, and many others were against "THIS BILL", was the language in the BILL!! Those Senators who CHAIRED certain National Security, Defense, POW/MIA Committees, etc…… knew Secrets unknown by those ex-POLITICIANS/BUREAUCRATS on the Lower rungs who "THOUGHT THEY KNEW BETTER"!!! JOHN McCAIN & OTHERS were dealing with hostile governments/FACTIONS in attempts to arrange the release of POWs! They knew if they made one wrong move during those attempts: Our men/POWs would PAY THE PRICE!!! Also, constant negotiations were being carried-out in arranging the RETURN OF THE REMAINS OF OUR MIAs!!! Even though it is TRUE that McCAIN was busted-up when his jet went down. That is NOT the reason he cannot LIFT HIS ARMS MUCH nor BEND HIS ELBOWS MUCH!! A movie was made about the HANOI HILTON where McCAIN and other POWs were imprisoned, tortured


McTraitor was NOT kept with the other POW's in Hanoi. He was given special treatment by the NVA, while in a hotel in downtown Hanoi. His injuries were NOT from torture, but from ejection from his aircraft. He caused the massive fire on the USS Forrestal by pulling a juvenile stunt which killed LOTS of US Sailors. He was QUICKLY taken off the carrier to prevent him from being killed by angry sailors. The list of his treasons is long, too long to mention here.


here's d proof that senator john Mccain is a coward and a lair.Thank god for some alert Americans that have put a stop in this coward warmonger becoming the President of d USA…….God bless America.What a sad loser.


why didn't all this come out the day he stepped off the POW plane and again when he ran for office the first time?  I saw a Russian Officer on 60 minutes yrs ago and he said the McCain spent every day with hookers and eating great food while fellow prisoners were about starving.


all the rich pows of the favored sons were sent home well fed and in good shape while the sons of the poor and the little privates were often unaccounted for. john mccain has openly been hostile and vindictive to any attempt to look into the possibilities that the north veitnamese gave an honest accounting of US soldiers sent into that theater of war by our government. and who is the one shouting the loudest that the north veitnamese lied to him in the camp, used mental manipulation and cannot be trusted? why of course that would be the brave hero john mccain. whatever you believe about the vietnam war for gods sake do everything possible to get the people out of there your govt sent into harms way once the war is over.


Johnny Wet-Start aka John McCain still needs to be tried for treason for his actions. The Navy should also release the evidence of the USS Forestal fire that rumor still has it was caused by McCain but covered up by his daddy the Admiral.



Trump's terse statements are always correct. To fully explain would take to long and piss off the Kool-Aid drinkers. How does a "war hero" turn out to be such a pussy. Just like asswipe Kerry with the shit deal that guarantee's Iran a nuke. These faggots are sucking the dicks of our enemies and should be hung for treason. Send Kerry to Iran (that cunt Hillary and YoMamaObama) and let ISIS do their thing-gang rape and chop chop. Pray Trump wins and makes all these lizard lip douchebags lick his ass.


I think in the entire history of the United States of America, John McCain has to be THE #1 Traitor and you could even say he's the poster child for traitors!!! That traitor should be rotting away in a windowless cell in a maximum security federal penitentiary for the rest of his natural life and then he should be buried in a pauper's grave without a marker!!!



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