Kelli Ward, John McCain’s Washington has Failed Our Veterans

John McCain’s Washington has Failed Our Veterans

On Thursday April, 7th, Senator John McCain tweeted a National Review article about the VA scandals. In that tweet, Mr. McCain said he “completely agreed.”

That is quite a bold statement for a man who has spent 30 years in Washington failing to properly monitor or stop the decades old problem of crumbling VA hospitals and abandoned veterans.

You see, it’s John McCain and others like him who have created this problem. They say they are for the veterans and improving our sacred duty to take care of them when they come home, but ultimately they vote for the same tired policies again and again — crippling our VA.

We have all heard it said that insanity is defined by doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Voting for John McCain to return to the senate is a perfect example.

As a physician, I am committed both professionally and personally to taking better care for our veterans. Unlike Senator McCain, I have the knowledge of medicine and building a business that will help improve our dilapidated Department of Veterans Affairs.

Casting your vote for me in this year’s primary will send a strong message that Arizonans are standing up for our brave men and women, and saying NO to the same tired solutions.

I promise to bring Washington bold and fearless ideas that will result in actual action in helping our veterans. So yes, Senator McCain, I think we can all “completely agree” on something.

It’s time for you to go.


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