Life saving drugs

Medicare Part D announced that life saving drugs such as Neulasta, Neupogen, Harvoni, etc. will no longer be covered . 

This means many very sick people will die also Obama Care will no longer cover them either.

This exterminated the population to make room for Muslims to come and enslave those who survive.

i look at Zika as part of the solution they breed like roaches and o do all illegals who come must have an anchor baby yo stay. Within a year with microcypholy a baby has maybe a year before the brain is crushed.

we all better hope Trump gets in or this country u dear Hillary faces mass murder by denying the sick medicine, illegals babies will burden us with massive medical expense, Muslims too come here your breeding habits mass death.

We can only hope she drops dead from her diseases or Trump gets in.




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  1. The Obama healthcare system was never intended to improve the American people’s health care📢 This is only a scam to pump more money out of your paycheck on a regular basis and they’re going to use that money for other things other than your health care needs📢

    It was never intended to provide healthcare it is intended to just take money out of your paycheck and use it for illegal immigration and refugee and whatever else they want to use that money for📢

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