LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Speaks at CPAC 2017. Thank God we have him for president I think about this watch this entire speech and you’ll see the Democrats set their fat asses down and the Republicans stand up and applaud his speech


Streamed live on Feb 24, 2017President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks at CPAC 2017 ►Assistant Editor: GORF- ► First Donald trump Thank You Rally LIVE from Cincinnati (12-1-16):… ► Check Out our Last News Video:… Doug Lover? Follow our Office Puppy Olaf!!!! ► Help keep Operations going by buying our Coffee Mug!!!… ►If you would like to make a Donation on PayPal:…Let’s stay in touch! ►Subscribe to our Affiliate channel:… ► Like us on Facebook: ►Follow us on Twitter: Golden State Time is an Alternative News Channels Bring you the Breaking News of the Day Raw,Uncut and with no Filter We Cover Politics,Trump,Clintons,Transitions,Republicans,Democrats and we also are a MSM watchDog On this Video: Mike Pence, CPAC, President Donald Trump Speaks at CPAC Mike Pence Speaks at CPAC, Conservative, Republican, Breitbart, CNN, CNN Tapes, CNN Leaks, Project Veritas, James Okeefe, LIVE, Stream, Vice President, President, Event, CPAC 2017,

LIVE STREAM: President Donald Trump Speaks at CPAC 2017




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