Mayor Bill de Blasio Meets the Hamburgler of Germany to Protest G20/Trump Policies

Mayor Bill de Blasio has a fully paid by tax payers trip to meet with the Mayor of Hamburg, Germany, and to protest the G20 Summit and Trump policies. One wonders how the Trump supporters are on board with this paid vacation. He will be meeting his son, as well, who is enrolled into a Berlin school, which is probably the main reason for his visit.

All this while Trump couldn't find a room in all of Hamburg. How does this make any sense? Yesterday Mrs. Trump was stuck in a hotel that was surrounded by protesters and couldn't stand by her man during the Summit all day. Trump has filled 9 key positions of the 124, leaving the position of Office of Foreign Missions wide-open and Trump vulnerable to the Leftist that hate him so. One of those Wingers is definitely de Blasio. The President flew from Berlin to Hamburg to attend the Summit, while Bill rubbed elbows with the Hamburgler. Again, how does this make any sense?

De Blasio could have fought for his beliefs right here in the Good Ole US inc., but noooo. He could have closed down 42nd or 5th Ave. (it wouldn't be the first time he did), and exclaimed his resent for Trump and everything Trump stands for, but nooooo. Bill decided to trip on tax payers backs.

If you want to contact Warren Wilhelm Jr., aka Bill de Blasio, and say your peace on this matter, contact him through Twitter. Blow his page up!


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