Merkel Hamburg(ers) Fry Tonight

    With her hands in her face, a perfect photo opportunity happened as Germany's leader, Merkel, faced President Trump today to inform him that his wife was stuck in the hotel near the G20 Summit, and might possibly be in danger. With thousands upon thousands of rioters (not Protesters, ask them what they are protesting) hitting the streets for Day 2, our First Lady is confined to a hotel, according to the Daily Mail. "Anti-globalisation protesters also kept US first lady Melania Trump from joining the spouses of the other world leaders at the summit.

Over 150 Law Enforcement have been injured, as well as 11 rioters who fell from a 13 ft wall. With night falling upon this town, one can only assume the worst is yet to come, with exhausted Officer's and chaos erupting everywhere. 

This was supposed to be an anti-G20 Summit event that took a turn for the worse. Live Streama show chatline crashing with anti-Muslim, anti-Gay, and anti-Merkel talk. This writer saw many cries for Hitler to come back and "handle this shit". Enforcers are using water cannons to deter people, but it seems to only be cooling them off in theis summer heat. Over a thousand Zombie Actors were installed to protest, but their make-up was quickly relieved by massive spray from the cannons. 

Many of the paid by Soros protesters have gathered in front of the cameras and cops, showning their peace signs, yet loot the city and burn all the gathers from those stores in bon fires lined up in the streets. It seems that there is not rest in Hamburd tonight, nor for Germany here after with a weak on immigration policy leader as Merkel. Shame, shame, shame!!

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