Mitch Wolfe has recently written a very informative book for the American People. recently written a very informative book for the American people

 Remember when you read  Mitch Wolfe's  Book you will be informed like no news reporter could ever inform you.  Go to the bottom of this review and you can click on the live link that will let you have a gimmick opportunity of acquiring this book 


My name is stick Bogart. I am the founder of a political review site that allows people to post reviews about politicians and political candidates of their choice. Politician. Reviews Google those two words I have had the pleasure of reading Mitch Wolfe's Book called Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House. If you're looking for a book to read about Donald Trump this is the book for you. I have been a consumer advocate for the past 14 years and I recently became an advocate for America and this is one of the most powerful books that I've ever read and I think that you will be very well-informed after you read this book. If you want to know what the general mainstream media will not tell you this book is for you.

Think of it as an investment in your future as you acquire knowledge of what the news reporters which I call OLD STOCK MEDIA Will never want you to know. Ask yourself after reading this book do you really think the DC maggots would want this book in schools across the country absolutely not because it will educate the American people and wake them up to the point that it will be hard for anyone in this country to find two legged sheep anymore.

If you're looking for a book that will enlighten you about what's really going on this is the book for you make no mistake…

Here is a small piece of what's in this book.

Before Trump There Was Rob Ford, Populist Mayor of Crazy Town PREFACE: For me, my understanding of Trump’ s political success and my foreknowledge of Trump ultimately capturing the White House commenced with my covering the wild and crazy roller coaster-like populist success of the former mayor of Toronto, my friend Rob Ford, from his upset victory in 2010 to his untimely demise in 2016. Rob was both loved and hated. He was a “crazy as a fox” public figure who had terrific political instincts and a very loyal and immovable base.

But he also attracted visceral opposition from opposing politicians (mostly liberal and socialist city pols) together with an almost deranged enmity from the liberal mainstream press. Does this sound familiar? The incredible Ford story has Trumpian echoes. And vice versa. The following piece (I wrote over 30 pieces for the Huffington Post and Canada Free Press over a period of three years) on Ford is verbatim. I wrote it on November 11, 2013, after Ford had been in the Toronto mayor’s office for three years, and after he had confessed to smoking crack cocaine.

There are some policy differences and differences on the fringes between these two populist public figures. But on the fundamentals Trump, like Ford, enjoys enormous populist support from millions of working class and middle income voters, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, sexual preference and ethnicity.

Trump is just not the spokesman for a narrow group of angry, old white working class males. Trump represents millions and millions of Americans who are unhappy with the elites who purport to represent their interests and these millions of American voters want to change the existing status quo in Washington. (The same applies to Boris Johnson and the millions of Britons who voted Brexit and wanted to shake up the status quo by leaving the European Union and the insensitive, unelected and unaccountable EU bureaucratic elites.)

Also, Trump’s political opponents (i.e. Hillary, the Democrats) and the elites on the left and right and the liberal mainstream press do not understand his appeal and who his real democratic base is, or why his expanding base is sticking to Trump, come hell or Whitewater. Perhaps after reading this Ford article, you too will see why Trump and Trump’s forces will crush Hillary this November in the presidential election. The article, as it appeared in the Huffington Post:


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