No Name McC Handler is Head Founder of American Islamic Brotherhood. Connects McCain Institute Fraud in Human Trafficing!

No Name McC Handler is Head Founder of American Islamic Brotherhood. Connects McCain Institute Fraud in Human Trafficing!

Senator John McCain, 2008 [Elibiary], McCains handler]and head figure of "the" American Muslim Brother Hood served as McCains delegate, [Elibiary], connection to Robert Mueller, 2011 John Brennan purge FBI’s training materials, trainers involved with the military, the intelligence community and homeland security/law enforcement community at the request of [Elibiary] and 58 other individuals. 


Who is [Elibiary] Read Chapter 7, Page 5 below!


Breaking News Events /  published 6-10-2016 Todays between the lines report.
A Special Edition; As the Emerald City Turns.

Before we start, a comment from the editor; ones eyes and ears should be wide open as never before, especially with any upcoming political elections starting with civic duties, council members, mayors, prosecutors, judges, representatives, senators, governors, congressional, and presidential. We have uncovered the bare facts, from the ( our tax dollar )Trillion Dollar industry of the Refugee Market, to the Muslim brotherhood including socialists who have been infiltrating political positions since the 80s. Now in small towns, every major city, state and through the every facet of the federal government, including presidential, manipulating laws, policies, legislation, constitutional issues, the FBI, the defense department, homeland security, food and transportation industry, airport security and more. There is both a political struggle between the Islamist and Socialist to control the Government. It's everyone's responsibility to fully investigate the background of every person running for any kind of office yourself before casting a vote. We are loosing our freedom from within and they are currently winning.

Chapter 1; Our Unjust Rewards from the Wizard of OZ.

Freedom of expression suddenly looks like two overlays on a map, the legal landscape and the cultural landscape, each with its own boundaries. 

– Or dose it even exist any more? The First Amendment protects the legal right to almost all expression, on the understanding that the best answer to offensive speech is more speech. Culturally, however, Americans have generally limited what they say out of respect for the dignity of others. People who violate the limits can suffer opprobrium, damage to their reputations, and even the loss of their jobs. Let us hope that they cannot also lose their lives.

– No such opprobrium exists in the subculture of anti-Islam activists that has developed since 9/11.

Governmental Figures within our own Government, including Members of Homeland Security, pushed silently to have a Mosque built at the site of the devistated World Trade Towers, before the smoke even cleared.

– Now the End Begins, Unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood in America, Understanding the Threat, and Discover the Networks, which sound the alarm about the supposed encroachment of Sharia, or Islamic law. 

–  The Muslim Brotherhood is pursuing a grand plan to infiltrate and subvert the United States. 

– The coming Islamic takeover and the spread of Sharia law can be traced back to an old document, “An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North China America.” Dated May 22, 1991, it was found in 2004 by the F.B.I., buried in one of a large number of boxes uncovered during a search of a house in northern Virginia. Its illusion of importance was enhanced by federal prosecutors, who included it in a trove of documents introduced into evidence in the 2007 trial of the Holy Land Foundation, a charitable organization ultimately convicted of sending money to Hamas.
( remember the first bombing attempt on the World Trade Center? Most have forgot. )

“Increasingly, we are abridging our freedoms so as not to offend savages. 
Government along with members of the élite media and academia, says it' outrageous to treat them harshly, aided with threats of Governmental Prosecution.


Chapter 2; Were either in the Haunted Forest or the Poppy Fields? 


It's bad enough that most of those, called Refugees, are already in the U.S. Most have been coming in since 2011. What we have seen in the news is just a publicized wave, that by the way, are already in towns throughout the U.S. 

– The ground breaking work, & the Foundation ) was actually being layed in the late 80s.

But getting back to 2011, we need to start at  2010 when Legislation was re-writing the Refugee Protection Act for Increased Protections for, so called Asylum Seekers:

WASHINGTON – Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) 2010 / 2011
Leahy is the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has jurisdiction over immigration and refugee related issues. The legislation, cosponsored by Senator Carl Levin (D-Mich.).

The legislation is supported by 20 National organizations that resettle refugees or advocate for fair treatment of refugees seeking safety in the United States.  These groups include the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, International Rescue Committee, and the American Bar Association, among others.  The Congressionally-mandated bipartisan U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom endorsed the provisions of the bill related to expedited removal. ( They didn't mean removal from the U.S. ) The bill is also endorsed by the Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program, Vermont Immigration and Asylum Advocates, and the Association of Africans Living in Vermont. 

The Key provisions of the Refugee Protection Act include:
Increased Protections for Refugee / Asylum Seekers:

– Eliminates the requirement that asylum applicants file their claim within one year of arrival.
– Protects particularly vulnerable asylum seekers by ensuring they can pursue a claim even where their persecution was not socially visible.
– Ensures fair process by requiring an immigration judge to give notice and an opportunity to respond when the judge requires corroborating evidence of the asylum claim.
– Gives an applicant the opportunity to explain and clarify inconsistencies in a claim.
– Enables minors who seek asylum to have an initial interview with an asylum officer in a non-adversarial setting.
– Allows the Attorney General to appoint counsel where fair resolution or effective adjudication of the proceedings would be served by appointment of counsel.
– Reforms to the Expedited Removal Process:
– Requires the referral of asylum seekers to an asylum officer for a credible fear interview, and, if credible fear is found, for an asylum interview. 
– Authorizes the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom to conduct a new study on the effects of expedited removal authority on asylum seekers.
– Parole of Asylum Seekers:
Codifies the current DHS policy that asylum seekers be considered for release (“parole”) and requires DHS to issue regulations establishing criteria for parole.
– Establishes a nation-wide, secure “alternatives to detention” program.
– Requires changes in the immigration detention system to ensure asylum seekers and others have access to counsel, medical care, religious practice, and visits from family.
– Terrorism Bar to Admissibility:
Modifies definitions in the statute to ensure that innocent asylum seekers and refugees are not unfairly denied protection as a result of the material support and terrorism bars in the law, while ensuring that those with legitimate ties to terrorist activity will continue to be denied entry to the United States.
– Protection for Refugees and Asylees:
Eliminates the one year waiting period for refugees and asylees to apply for a green card. 
– Allows certain children and family members of refugees to be considered as derivative applicants for refugee status.  All such applicants must pass standard security checks. 
– Authorizes the Secretary of State to designate certain groups as eligible for expedited adjudication as refugees. 
– Prevents newly resettled refugees from slipping into poverty by adjusting the per capita refugee resettlement grant level annually for inflation and the cost of living.

Not to worry America, The Great OZ & the Administration of the Emerald City are making sure their abusing us every way they can, and we will pay the great OZ & the rest running the Emrald City for the rest of their lifes, as a reward for their destruction to our Nation, if they are not stopped before their term ends.

– The Emerald City also assured millions of illegal immigrants that they are going to get bigger tax refunds than the law abiding American citizen. Your hard earned money. Through a massive IRS loophole, that cost billions of taxpayer dollars, IRS is simply handing out tax dollars to people who don’t even live here.  The Illegals will be mad when they find out that the Refugees / Asylum Seekers are receiving more money and aid then them.  


Chapter 3; I don't think we're in Kansas anymore Toto!


Please note the 2011 date in this article, it's aligned with chapter 2, the re-write of the Refugee Resettlement Act.

In 20, 2016 Three Muslim Brotherhood supporters who caused a row in Egypt last year after they met with Obama administration officials and members of Congress returned to the U.S. ,according to the Facebook page of Egyptian Americans for Freedom and Justice (EAFJ).


EAFJ leaders Mahmoud El-Sharkawy, Hani Elkadi and Aber Mostafa greeted Heshmat, Sharaby and Azzam at New York's JFK airport and posed for a picture with them displaying the Brotherhood's four-fingered Rabaa salute which has become representative among those wanting the Brotherhood's return to power in Egypt, and elsewhere.


The three spoke 1-22-2016 at an event titled "Egyptian Revolution from Sacrifices to Victory" in North Bergen, N.J.

The event is timed to commemorate the Jan. 25 anniversary of dictator Hosni Mubarak's fall from power in 2011. Heshmat said that his group had no plans to meet with Obama administration representatives during this visit, due to their "position biased" toward Sisi's regime. They hope to speak with some congressmen, academics and others.

El-Sharkawy is a Brotherhood member and serves as liaison with Brotherhood members exiled in Turkey, Source; Egypt's Al-Bawaba newspaper last April.

He frequently reposts Muslim Brotherhood communiqués on his Facebook page. In December, El Sharkawy encouraged "all youth and revolutionaries" to distribute the official page of Brotherhood spokesman Muhammad Muntasir.

Elkadi seemed to self-identify as a Brotherhood member in a March 9, 2015 Facebook post showing an cartoon of a man holding a sign with the Brotherhood logo and the words which translate to, "I am [Muslim] Brotherhood and I'm not threatened."

Last year, Elkadi, El Sharkawy and Mostafa posted graphics on their Facebook pages seeming to support violence in Egypt.

El Sharkawy and Elkadi posted a Feb. 10 communiqué from the Popular Resistance Movement (PRM) which has launched attacks against Egyptian police and other targets. It features an image of a blood-red map of Egypt with a fist superimposed over it. It claims responsibility for targeting two police cars. "God, martyrs, Revolution," it said.

Mostafa posted the personal information of a pro-Sisi owner of an Egyptian soccer team with the word "Attaaack!" the same day.

They are using our countries hospitality to speed their agenda of converting the world to Islam. It would be suicide for an infidel to hold a sign condemning Islam and walk through a Muslim neighborhood chanting down with Islam? But their agenda is rapidly expediting. Forcing change at every angle, everything offends them as they try to re-constitutionalize us with Sharia Law & Islam. It's their sole mission!

Chapter 4; I know we're not in Kansas anymore Toto.

– Has the Administration started placing Mints on the refugees pillows yet?


Don't let all the other issues cloud this one. The Refugees are still getting in, while the media smoke screen provides cover for the influx of Refugees.
The last bill presented by Paul Ryan, & Passed by Congress, allows UNLIMITED IMMIGRATION into the U.S. – It use to only allow under 10,000 per year. A percentage combination of Asylum Seekers, Immigrants & Refugees.


– Estimated current number 160 million & counting.

The refugees are first flown to the United States, according to theFrench news wire Agence France-Presse, with the State Department paying the International Organization for Migration (IOM) for the airfare. Total cost is unknown.
– Then, once the refugees arrive in the country, they are being dispersed across approx 180 cities, where they are aided within the first 30 to 90 days in settling and finding employment in the area.
– After approximately 90 days, refugees are no longer eligible for the State Department-funded support that they were receiving through migrant and refugee services. However, they are able to join support programs through the Department of Health and Human Services, where Refugees are also provided instant, lifetime access to welfare and entitlements, including a guaranteed 8% cost of living annually! Not counting the cost of 2 yr free Community College, at taxpayers expense! { I wonder if that's the free college Bernie is talking about ? }


– Additionally, it is unclear how much the screening process for the Syrian refugees will cost American taxpayers, let alone how through the screening / venting was & is.
– The State Department spent $1.1 billion resettling people from around the world in the country last year. That’s about $16,000 per person.  

Dozens of refugees admitted to the U.S. have been implicated in terrorist activity in 2015 alone, according to Sessions, chairman of the Senate subcommittee on immigration and the national interest.


Sessions said that unless Congress set new parameters, the White House will have unchecked authority to bring in as many refugees as he wants, from anywhere he wants, without any requirement for congressional or public approval.


Chapter 5; Toto, what's going on behind that curtain?

Uncovering the resettlement process further, how the Private Contractors, yes that's right, Private Contractors are handling the process, and the additional expense to tax payers. Not to be confused with the figures in chapter 5. The Administration just cain't seem to give them enough.


These are the nine major contractors of the US State Department and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (HHS) fund.  They call them Voluntary Agencies (VOLAGs) which is a joke considering the large amount of federal funding that flows to each one!  There are approximately 350 subcontractors in 180 cities working under the nine biggies. Since 2012 the reported money doesn't go completely cold, but seems impossible to track?

This info is a year for which all of the nine had submitted financial documents. Although some VOLAGs have slightly different reporting periods and reporting methods, this is just the 2012 ‘year’ that is known. Also, keep in mind that some of the agencies reported their IOM travel loan income, some did not. The IOM is the International Organization for Migration, another huge federal contractor that makes the arrangements for the refugees to prepare to leave for America and it purchases their airline tickets. Refugees are suppose to reimburse that taxpayer-funded travel loan, but the VOLAG that collects the loan, pockets a percentage of it—justified as a collection fee.)

This list does not include the two new contractors primarily responsible for the ‘unaccompanied minors.’

Church World Service
Total revenue: $76,185,774

Govt. grants and contracts: $45,431,781
Percent taxpayer funded: 60%
Top salary: $286,000 (Top salaries throughout include benefits and income from related activities)

Ethiopian Community Development Council (secular)
Total revenue: $15,244,802

Govt. grants: $14,609,687
Percent taxpayer funded: 96%
Top salary: $233,228

Episcopal Migration Ministries

This gets tricky. Apparently EMM (or now known as Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church of America), does not produce a Form 990 nor do they publish their federal income in their annual report.

The only accounting we could find is an independent auditor’s report that reveals they received $17,365,325 from the federal government for their refugee program in 2012.

Further examination by a qualified accountant would be needed to find out how they spent the $17 million.

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
( they dropped Hebrew from the name )

Total revenue: $25,418,714
Govt. grants and contracts (including travel loan income): $15,426,116
Percent taxpayer funded: 61%
Top salary: $323,162

International Rescue Committee (secular)
Total revenue: $456,122,865

Govt. grants and contracts (including travel loan income): $332,271,151
Percent taxpayer funded: 73%
Top salary: $485,321

US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (secular)
Total revenue: $39,205,548

Govt. grants and contracts: $38,817,939
Percent taxpayer funded: 99%
Top salary: $289,192

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service
Total revenue: $43,563,804

Govt. grants and contracts: $42,047,935
Percent taxpayer funded: 97%
Top salary: $214,237

World Relief (National Association of Evangelicals)
Total revenue: $56,842,649

Govt. grants and contracts: $38,837,294

Percent taxpayer funded: 68%
Top salary: $211,651 (again the ‘salaries’ include other related compensation)

US Conference of Catholic Bishops

Last, but by far not least, is the US Catholic Bishops whose finances now require further explanation. The USCCB, by the way, resettles the largest number of refugees in the US with the help of Catholic Charities located throughout America. They make no effort to single out Christians for resettlement and in fact, in 2013 they were requesting that the US State Department bring more Rohingya Muslims from Burma (Myanmar) to America.

Churches are not required to file 990s, so perhaps the Bishops consider themselves a church.

Also, since federal funds go directly to myriad Catholic Charities around the country especially to states such as Tennessee where Catholic Charities and the federal government have complete control of who comes and where they are placed with virtually no state input (called the Wilson-Fish program), it would require very knowledgeable forensic accountants to follow the money.

Total revenue: $70,975,237

Govt. grants and contracts (includes over $3 million in travel loan income): $69,534,230
Percent taxpayer funded: 98%
We have no idea what salaries are paid in the USCCB Washington office.

This is just 2012,  A billion dollars a year! (that we know of!) for refugee resettlement, here in the U.S. That figure does not include subsidized housing, most healthcare, food stamps, other cash assistance, educating the kids or the costs to the criminal justice system!

And these same contractors/subcontractors are being paid (by us!) to get as many through the citizenship process as they can before the end of 2016!


Chapter 6; Toto Opens the Curtain.

Well look who's behind the Curtain Toto, Obama, Soros's, the radical-left Southern Poverty Law Center, and Hillary Clinton’s favorite think tank, the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, which gave us Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor, and allot of other people. 

Additionally, special programs allow about 20,000 Cubans and Haitians to emigrate to the U.S. annually, with the same benefits received by refugees and asylees. There is even a “Rainbow Welcome Initiative” that funds a nonprofit contractor (Heartland Alliance International, LLC) to meet the special needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) refugees and asylees.  Government funds 87 percent of the $10 million nonprofit. CEO Sid Mohn makes $330,000 per year in pay and benefits according to Heartland’s 2014 tax return. Combined, the top four officers receive about $850,000 per year—almost all on the taxpayer.

Finally, in 1991, the government created “Temporary Protected Status” to grant legal status in the U.S. to Salvadoran illegal aliens and others fleeing war or natural disaster in Central America. Currently, over 300,000 TPS aliens in the U.S. are entitled to all the benefits of other legal permanent residents. While they are supposed to be “temporary,” TPS enrollees simply re-enroll when their status expires. Most have been here since the 1990s.

In December 2013, the Obama administration announced an in-country refugee program for Central American Minors (CAMs) that allows persons under 21 years of age from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador direct travel to the U.S. While those countries tragically suffer from high crime and poor economic conditions, merely being a member of an afflicted population does not raise a person to the definition of “refugee.” By offering this status, the Obama administration is deliberately expanding the definition, an action that has been called a “rogue family reunification program.”

Open Society Institute/Foundations: Through his philanthropies, anti-American hedge fund manager George Soros funds hundreds of radical nonprofits and causes. Soros is a major open borders advocate. From 2010 to 2013, Soros’s Open Society Institute provided $1.7 million to the National Partnership for New Americans (OSI 2013 net assets, $953.7 million). Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society had net assets $2.5 billion in 2013. The Soros Fund Charitable Foundation had 2013 net assets of $280 million. The Baltimore Open Society Institute (a.k.a. Alliance for Open Society International) had 2013 net assets of $2.4 million.

Bauman Foundation: Grantees include a who’s who of the radical Left. Director Patricia Bauman is a trust-fund leftist, also involved in other major radical left operations such as Catalist, which J. Christian Adams has called “Obama’s database for fundamentally transforming America,” Democracy Alliance, and the Brennan Center for Justice.  She also advises J Street, the Soros-created Astroturf pro-Palestinian “Jewish” group. (The Bauman Foundation had 2014 net assets of $84 million; for more, see Foundation Watch, December 2014.)

New World Foundation: Established in 1954, NWF operates as a national community foundation, bragging that “our grantmaking programs have become collaborative funds.” Its goal: “build a progressive new majority for America…” Board member Don Hazenis is the former publisher of Mother Jones and the current editor of AlterNet and the Independent Media Institute, both far-Left media organizations. NWF president Colin Greer joined the secretive Soros machine, Democracy Alliance, in 2014. NWF board chairman Kent Wong is director of the UCLA Labor Center, vice president of the California Federation of Teachers, and a former SEIU attorney. Board member Sofia Campos, when a UCLA undergraduate, taught that school’s first “Undocumented Student Experience” seminar and organized with the California DREAM Act, the federal DREAM Act, and the Right to Dream campaigns. She serves as board chair of United We Dream, “the first and largest network of undocumented immigrant youth.” (2013 NWF assets, $29 million)

Arca Foundation: This left-wing donor, based in Washington, D.C., features prominently in the radical Left’s immigration agenda. Founded by Nancy Susan Reynolds, who was Nancy Jane Lehman’s mother and R.J. Reynolds’ youngest daughter, it funds such groups as the Tides Foundation, Center for American Progress, Demos, Media Matters for America, the Soros-created Jewish Astroturf organization J Street—which poses as a Jewish group but advocates the Palestinian cause—and the National Iranian American Council, which Robert Spencer calls “the Mullah’s Mouthpiece.” (2013 net assets, $55.7 million; profiled in Foundation Watch, October 2011)

Unbound Philanthropy:  Claims it is dedicated to “Welcoming newcomers. Strengthening communities.” Its mission is to“transform long-standing but solvable barriers to the human rights of migrants and refugees and their integration into host societies.…” Grant recipients include the National Immigration Forum, National Immigration Law Center, American Immigration Council, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, Media Matters, Tides Foundation, the radical-left Southern Poverty Law Center, and Hillary Clinton’s favorite think tank: the Center for American Progress. Unbound financed the pro-refugee propaganda film Welcome to Shelbyville.  Since 2008, Unbound has provided at least $2.4 million to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), and its net assets in 2013 were $141 million.

Ford Foundation: Financed creation of the open borders movement and multiculturalism in the 1960s.  Funded creation and growth of the radical Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), which spawned the DREAM Act concept, the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) and the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, which gave us Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor. It is credited with turning the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) from a conservative group that helped Hispanics assimilate into just another radical leftist Hispanic grievance group. Ford’s impact on immigration activism cannot be overstated. (2013 net assets, $12.1 billion)

Major Foundation Supporters
Primary funding for the VOLAGs comes from the federal and state governments. But many secondary immigrant/refugee advocacy and assistance organizations are supported by wealthy state and national foundations whose assets total tens, if not hundreds, of billions of dollars. Most of these well-established foundations are the Left’s primary source of support outside government. Below is a sampling of noteworthy radical-Left foundations supporting the immigrant/refugee effort.

Gill Foundation: Founded by software billionaire Tom Gill, who along with Pat Stryker, another Colorado-based billionaire, provided most of the funding for the “Colorado Miracle” which turned the then-solidly Republican state Democrat blue in the 2004 and 2008 elections. Their effort was dubbed The Blueprint by authors Rob Witwer and Adam Schrager (who wrote a book with that name), and in 2005 it provided a template for the secretive left-wing funding cabal known as the Democracy Alliance. Gill supports Welcoming America organizations in Colorado, Tennessee, and Oregon. (2013 net assets, $234.4 million; for more on the Colorado Miracle, see Organization Trends, July 2013.)

Public Welfare Foundation: A well-connected, long-established D.C.-based fund, PWF generously services a who’s who of the radical Left, including the Tides Center, ACLU, Van Jones’s Color of Change, the Marxist newspaper In These Times, the radical-left Economic Policy Institute, the Blue Green Alliance (which is the renamed Apollo Alliance, a shady group of labor, environment, Democratic Party representatives who wrote Obama’s stimulus), the Center for American Progress, and many more. (2013 net assets, $488 million) PWF president Mary McClymont previously served as board chair for the Migration Policy Center, national director for legalization at the Migration and Refugee Services of the U.S. Catholic Conference, president and chief executive officer of InterAction, the largest alliance of U.S.-based international development and humanitarian nongovernmental organizations (dedicated to the U.N.’s Sustainable Development agenda), various positions with the Ford Foundation, and trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division. She is the co-founder of Grant-makers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees; chaired the board of the Migration Policy Institute; and served on the boards of Physicians for Human Rights, Amnesty International, the Advisory Committee of Elma Philanthropies Services, and the Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid, U.S. Agency for International Development. Currently, she serves on the board of the Washington Regional Association of Grant-makers and the advisory board of New Perimeter, a global pro bono initiative of the law firm DLA Piper.

NEO Philanthropy: Formerly called Public Interest Projects, NEO spent $15.7 million in 2013 to “promote strongly aligned and effective immigrant rights organizations working to advance immigration policy and reform; immigrant civil engagement and integration; and defense of immigrant rights.” This includes Alabama Appleseed ($50,000), Arab Community Center ($100,000), Border Action Network ($125,000), Border Network for Human Rights ($390,000), CASA de Maryland ($270,000), Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition ($360,725), Comunidades Unidas ($15,000), Welcoming America ($89,000), TIRRC ($469,000), Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition ($210,000) and many others. Board member Patricia Bauman is the director of the Bauman Foundation. (NEO 2013 net assets, $19.6 million)

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program: Vanguard offers customers donor-advised funds, which allow customers to channel donations to organizations of the donor’s choosing, although in practice directors of donor-advised funds often recommend organizations and initiatives to support. Donor-advised funds are also often used by foundations that wish to mask their money flows to controversial grantees. Thus Vanguard has been the conduit for extensive support of immigration “reform” groups like Welcoming America. It provided over $22 million to the International Rescue Committee between 2005 and 2013. (2014 net assets $4.5 billion)

Y&H Soda Foundation: Says its mission is to support “nonprofit and Catholic organizations committed to the full participation and prosperity of the underserved in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties,” which are located in eastern San Francisco Bay.  Y&H Soda has provided $155,000 to welcoming projects in California since 2011; it has also funded numerous other local immigrant organizations, including the International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA), which has its own “Immigrant Voices” program. The most prominent is East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, which claims to be “the largest affirmative asylum program in the country,” representing over 500 asylum applicants per year. Through the Tides Center, Y&H has supported the Arab Resource and Organizing Center.  AROC provides legal and refugee/asylum application assistance to Bay area Muslims. Y&H donated about $500,000 in 2012 to its various immigration projects.  (2013 net assets, $129 million)

Reynolds legacy: The Mary Reynolds-Babcock Foundation and the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation of North Carolina are legacies of the Reynolds Tobacco and Aluminum fortunes, and both fund radical-Left agendas and organizations throughout the U.S. The Babcock Foundation, for example, has provided funds for numerous Welcoming America sponsors. (2013 assets, $182.4 million; Z. Smith Reynolds was profiled in Foundation Watch, June 2013)

Tides Foundation: The notorious Tides is a pass-through fund which launders money for wealthy donors who want to support radical causes without being identified. R.J. Reynolds’ granddaughter, Nancy Jane Lehman, co-founded Tides in San Francisco along with New Left organizer Drummond Pike (2013 net assets, $142.3 million). Its sister organization, the Tides Center, was directed for years by ACORN founder and director Wade Rathke (2013 nets assets, $68.2 million). Tides Center lists “support to resettle displaced Iraqi refugees” and to combat “inhumane immigration policy…” among its 2013 activities.  Related organizations include the Tides Network (2013 revenues, $13.7 million), Tides, Inc. (2013 net assets, $432,000), and Tides Two Rivers Fund.

There are 350 federal subcontractors in now, 190 cities, all affiliated with the nine main refugee VOLAGs.

Chapter 7, Page 1; Paving the Yellow Brick Road,

Now the End Begins, Unmasking the Muslim Brotherhood in America, Understanding the Threat, and Discover the Networks, which sound the alarm about the encroachment of Sharia, / Islamic law. The web started in the 80s now stems from our local Community Political Figures in every Town and City, to the White House.

The communities of Arab Americans and born Muslims in America are now dominated by advocacy organizations that rose to prominence in the 1980s, and which assumed a particularly important role after September 11th. Many of them now target interfaith and peace groups for common activities, especially demonstrations and other events against the Iraq intervention. Because so many of them are now active on campus and in other public affairs, each of them will be discussed separately. The main such groups are linked in the American Muslim Political Coordination Council (AMPCC), which was set up by the former American Muslim Alliance (AMA), since linked with the Muslim American Society (MAS), along with the American Muslim Council (AMC), the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), and Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC).

American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)


ADC was founded in 1980 by former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Democrat of South Dakota, as a non-religious civil rights group. It was clearly created in imitation of, and even as a rival or counterweight to, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish civil rights organization. It originally concentrated its attentions on Christian Arab Americans, who make up a majority of the Arab American population, and has established chapters around the U.S. Its current officers are Dr. Ziad Asali, its president, its executive vice president Khalil Jahshan and its flamboyant and controversial communications director, Hussein Ibish.

Until September 11th, ADC mainly focused on paralleling the ADL, by mounting legal campaigns to defend Palestinian advocates. It frequently allied with leftist groups in campaigns against U.S. support for Israel. 

After the beginning of the U.S. war against terror, a perceptible shift occurred in the orientation and activities of ADC. It became a strident voice protesting what it said were plans of the Bush administration to curtail the civil liberties of Arab Americans. ADC has labelled all efforts by the Justice and Treasury Departments against terrorism as unfair persecution based on ethnic discrimination. ADC has also fostered the belief that ‘ethnic profiling’ is rampant in official U.S. dealings with Arab and Muslim Americans. 

These claims are arguable, but such issues fall within the legitimate purview of ADC as a civil rights group. Nevertheless, after September 11th, ADC extended its range of concerns. It suddenly became a leading defender of Palestinian ‘martyrdom’ campaigns inside Israel, as well as of Saudi Arabia, whose role in funding Wahhabism, the extreme sect rejected by the majority of Muslims worldwide, had come under scrutiny after disclosure that 15 out of 19 suicide pilots on September 11th were Saudi subjects. Such foreign topics should have had little or nothing to do with discrimination against Arab Americans. Further, ADC began to speak in the name of Islam even though its original constituency was mainly Christian.

Arab American Institute (AAI)


AAI was organized in 1985, according to its website, ‘to represent Arab American interests in government and politics.’ Its chairman is a political operative in Washington, attorney George Salem, a partner in the Washington, DC office of Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, LLP. He was a leading supporter of President George W. Bush’s campaign. Akin, Gump has been prominent in defending Saudis accused of involvement in terrorism.

AAI is much more identified with its cofounder, president and leading spokesperson, James Zogby, formerly executive director of ADC. In contrast with Salem, a Republican, Zogby is a major figure in Democrat party affairs. His brother John, who runs a polling business, is an AAI board member, along with AAI backup spokesperson Jean AbiNader, an international marketing executive.

AAI, like ADC, is based in community branches, and is extremely active on campuses. Prior to September 11th AAI and Jim Zogby enjoyed immense credibility in U.S. media, and especially among liberal and peace-oriented American Jews, for his moderate position on Middle East issues.


Jim Zogby also underwent a striking change after September 11th. The man who once charmed all comers as an Arab American Christian, who admitted no knowledge whatever of Islam but who insisted on his commitment to peaceful solutions between Israel and the Palestinians, suddenly came out of the closet as a ranting demagogue, denouncing all opponents as racist, extremist, Zionist agents. AbiNader adopted a similar manner in media encounters.

Chapter 7, Page 2; Paving the Yellow Brick Road,

The Muslim Students’ Association 

Of the U.S. and Canada (MSA)


This octopus-like entity has infiltrated numerous college and university campuses in North America, and took the lead in corralling young Muslims to defend the fascist dictator Saddam. According to MSA, the correct position for Muslims in America involved their marching alongside neo-fascists and Stalinists, with the legions of ‘useful fools’ who flocked to bogus ‘peace’ demonstrations. 

When its leaders speak to mainstream media, MSA presents itself as a campus-service organization not much different from other collegiate faith groups. But the reality is very different, and deeply sinister. MSA has been a key element in supporting the Wahhabi conspiracy by Saudi-backed extremists to control American Islam, as well to distort the public discourse about Islam in America. 

MSA seeks to present itself as moderate and opposed to terrorism, even though its chapters have distributed the propaganda of Osama bin Laden on its websites, along with publicity-recruiting campaigns for Wahhabi subversion of the Chechen struggle in Russia. In supporting the late Saudi adventurer ‘Khattab’ and other usurpers of the Chechen cause, they do not help the Chechens; rather, they help the Russians. Many Russian human rights activists charge that the Saudi/Wahhabi agents who have flooded into Chechnya have done so with the direct assistance of the Russian government.

To best understand the MSA and its history one should turn to the work of Hamid Algar, a Western Muslim scholar of impeccable academic credentials, who also happens to be a ferocious critic of the U.S. and Israel. Algar, a member of the University of California-Berkeley faculty, is the biographer of Ayatollah Khomeini and among the leading historians of Islamic spirituality alive today. 

But although he is no friend of President Bush, Algar has described with stunning accuracy the nature of the MSA. In his brief work Wahhabism: A Critical Essay, published in 2002, he writes: ‘Some Muslim student organizations haveÉ functioned at times as Saudi-supported channels for the propagation of Wahhabism abroad, especially in the United States. The Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada was established in 1963, one year after the Muslim World League [MWL] with which it had close links.’ Let us note here that the MWL was established by the Saudi regime as an extremist Islamic equivalent of the old Communist International or Comintern, and that its cadres included numerous Islamist ‘revolutionaries’ from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and from Pakistan. MWl was a provider of funds to Osama bin Laden.

Algar continues, ‘Particularly in the 1960s and 1970s, no criticism of Saudi Arabia would be tolerated at the annual conventions of the MSAÉ Its numerous local chapters would make available at every Friday prayer large stacks of the [MWL]’s publications, in both English and ArabicÉ Although the MSA progressively diversified its connections with Arab states, official approval of Wahhabism remained strong.’ Algar notes that in 1980 the organization published a translation, which was actually a text puffed up to give it more substance, of writings by Ibn Abd al-Wahhab.

With some sarcasm, Algar points out ‘it might appear at first sight puzzling that students pursuing a higher education should be attracted to a Wahhabi reading of IslamÉ they found in Wahhabism a ‘rationalized’ Islam, stripped of the niceties and ambiguities of juristic reasoning, the complexities of theology, and the subtleties of Sufism.’ He calls attention to MSA’s role in the creation of the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA, about which more will be said below. 

In addition, the MSA has strong ties with the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), established in 1972 and directed from the Saudi capital, Riyadh. WAMY’s U.S. offices in Northern Virginia have been a central target of the U.S. investigation of terrorist funding and money laundering by Islamist groups after September 11th. WAMY has also been deeply involved in preaching hatred against Shi’a Muslims. For example, a booklet, The Difference Between The Shiites and the Majority of Muslim Scholars, authored by Saeed Ismaeel, is distributed in English and Arabic by WAMY. It claims that a fictional Yemeni Jew, Abdullah Ibn Sabaa, conspired with other Jews to create a division in Islam, and planted Jewish ideas which become Shi’a Islam. It states, ‘The Jewish conspiracy (among others), represented by Abdullah Bin Sabaa, first influenced Muslims who were less knowledgeable about Islam and later on, spread to the rest of the Muslim community.’

The cornerstone of the Shi’a faith, as well as its dimensions and evidence, are false and baseless.’ In line with Wahhabi ideology, which promotes hatred against the majority of Muslims and all non-Muslims, WAMY publications assert that most of the world’s Muslims are not Muslims at all, but rather unbelievers condemned to die if they do not embrace Wahhabi Islam.

The 2002 entry in the U.S. Business Directory listed the president of the WAMY office in Annandale, Va., as Abdula bin LadenYthe terrorist’s younger brother.

The foremost aim of the Wahhabis is always to impose a single voice on Muslims. During the Iraq war, this meant projecting the image, in U.S. media as well as on campuses, that all right-thinking Muslim believers considered an attack on Saddam and his regime to be aggression against Islam. This was a lie, as the global public learned. Thousands of Iraqi Shi’as, Kurds, and other Muslims in the U.S. supported the Bush project for the liberation of Iraq from the fascist regime, and for the broader liberation of Islamic societies from the grip of tyranny and terrorism, leading to a new epoch of democracy, prosperity, and stability. 

A month before the Iraq campaign began, Shi’a Muslims in the New York area used their commemoration of Ashura, the main Shi’a holiday, as an opportunity to express loyalty to America, support for the removal of Saddam, and opposition to Saudi-funded terrorism Y which has always aimed first to kill Shi’a Muslims. But you would not have heard about that from MSA chapter leaders on our campuses.

The poster boy for MSA could well be U.S. Army Sgt. Asan Akbar, an American Muslim, accused of a bloody terrorist attack, motivated by Islamist extremism, in the early hours of March 23, 2003. The incident occurred in the command area of Camp Pennsylvania, the rear base in Kuwait for the 1st Brigade of the 101st Airborne Division. Army captain Christopher Scott Seifert, 27, was killed and 15 servicemen were wounded; a second serviceman later died of wounds suffered at Camp Penn. Akbar’s alleged action did immense harm to the image of American Muslims.

Akbar had attended the student mosque at the University of California, Davis, controlled by MSA. He also listed (under his original name, Mark Fidel Kools) an address at the Bilal Islamic Center in Los Angeles, a Saudi-funded institution. The Bilal Islamic Center and its Saudi-trained imams are known for venomous preaching of Wahhabism. Given these facts Akbar could well be considered a ‘sleeper agent’ recruited to al-Qaida.


Notwithstanding these damning facts, MSA branches should be treated with special consideration by campus and community activists. MSA is an umbrella organization in which many Muslim students become involved, without necessarily sharing its extremism. Indeed, there is turmoil within MSA as innocent, patriotic American Muslims who joined the group with the worthy motives of studying their faith or advancing their legitimate collective interests begin to resist Wahhabi dominance. 

Chapter 7, Page 3; Paving the Yellow Brick Road,

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)


AIR is best described as a branch of the Saudi religious militia operating to impose Wahhabi conformity on American Islam. It is the most active and consistent promoter of extremism in the name of Islam now found the U.S. and CanadaYan arm of the Saudi-Wahhabi establishment, partially funded by the Saudi government and rich Saudi subjects. In 1999, the Saudi embassy in Washington announced a grant by the Islamic Development Bank of $250,000 to CAIR for the purchase of land in Washington, to be used in the construction of ‘an education and research center.’ (CAIR is but a minor line item in the Wahhabi budget. The Saudi embassy statement announcing the grant to CAIR also reported gifts of $395,000 for the construction of a school in Tanzania and $30 million for ‘Islamic associations in India.’)

The Saudi/Wahhabis further use their control over Mecca and Medina as an opportunity for political shenanigans. In their hands, the hajj required of Muslims who can afford to perform it has frequently become a paid junket useful for recruitment purposes. In 2000, the Wahhabi Muslim World League hosted 100 prominent American Islamic personalities on hajj. They were accompanied by a delegation of 60 Latin American ‘academics and specialists.’ All expenses for the latter were paid by Prince Bandar, Saudi ambassador to the United States. The same year the Saudis advertised their subsidy of 1,500 pilgrims from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. In 1999, the Saudis paid for 100 influential American Muslims to make hajj. The list of such expenditures seems limitless.

For Wahhabis everywhere, the party line is laid down in Riyadh, which simultaneously foments terrorist teaching and disclaims any responsibility for Wahhabi atrocities, as in the case of Bin Laden. Saudis corrupt Muslims abroad in exactly the way that the Soviet Union once bought the loyalty of foreign intellectuals, labor leaders, and guerrilla fighters, and for the same ends. 

CAIR should be considered a foreign-based subversive organization, comparable in the Islamist field to the Soviet-controlled Communist Party, USA, and the Cuban-controlled front groups that infiltrated ‘Latin American solidarity’ organizations in the U.S. during the 1980s. It has organized numerous community branches and has had immense and alarming success in gaining position as an ‘official’ representative of Islam in the U.S. 

CAIR was founded in 1994 by a Palestinian, Nihad Awad, and an American new Muslim, Cary ‘Ibrahim’ Hooper, along with one Omar Ahmad. It has always served as an ally of the terrorist Hamas movement, engaging in blanket charges that American Muslims are the victims of wholesale repression, and that U.S. foreign policy is dictated by extreme Zionists.

CAIR was the main group to gain U.S. media access, after September 11th, and during the war in Afghanistan and the 2002 Israeli incursions into the West Bank, providing the ‘Muslim view’ of these events. As self-appointed Muslim spokesmen, they typically refused to ‘simplify the situation’ by blaming Osama bin Laden for the horrific attacks on America, following the Wahhabi line that no compelling proof had been offered by U.S. authorities. While they were eventually induced by wheedling journalists to condemn suicide terror in a pro forma manner, they hedged their disavowals by describing them as an understandable response to Israeli brutality. CAIR expressed condolences after the massacre of 16 Christians during a worship service in Pakistan on October 28, 2001, although the organization expressed no regret over killings by suicide bombers in Israel. 

Though the word ‘Islamic’ appears in its title, authentic religious ends are absent from CAIR’s activities. Rather than working to improve the training of imams and muftis, they mobilized them for political goals. In this way, they sought to introduce extremist activities based in the Middle East into the American heartland. But they did not run candidates in U.S. elections on a pro-Hamas ticket. Rather, they lobbied behind the scenes to demand special consideration for their agenda by media and government. They did not make open claims for Muslim causes. Rather, they stressed ‘sensitivity’ to ‘Muslim feelings.’ They did not propose meaningful political discussion or interfaith dialogue. Rather, they complained about injuries allegedly done to Muslims, which must be recognized and apologized for before any dialogue takes place. They purported to know the feelings and opinions of all Muslims, and arrogated to themselves the right to speak for all Muslims.

CAIR has also engaged in extensive campaigns of personal defamation and intimidation targeting dissenters against extremist control over American Islam. Its methods are anything but subtle, usually featuring peremptory demands and even threats to other public organizations, and until recently it was notably successful. Although its Islam is Wahhabi, it sought to represent all Muslims in their relations with America as if practicing religious diplomacy comparable to that of the Vatican, the worldwide center of the Catholic Church. 

In 1998, CAIR and the American Muslim Council (AMC) cosponsored a rally at Brooklyn College, which included a diatribe by Wagdi Ghuniem, an Egyptian extremist. Ghuniem led 500 people in singing a ditty with the chorus: ‘No to the Jews, descendants of the apes.’ Yet before September 11th, CAIR was amazingly good at influencing American media against using such terms as ‘Islamic fundamentalism.’ CAIR and their associates perceived that Americans wanted to be liked, and that our journalists want or need to be politically correct. Therefore they cleverly framed their assault on American public opinion in terms of sensitivity: it is hurtful to Muslims for American media to describe anybody among them as fundamentalists and terrorists. Yet it is obviously more hurtful for American Muslims to protect terrorists.

The Wahhabi lobby understood and exploited the fact that the gullibility and ignorance of ordinary Americans and the essential openness of American democracy could all be manipulated for ends totally at odds with the traditions, laws, and policies of the United States. The lobby publicly proclaimed its support for terror against Israel, assisted the funders and organizers of terror to operate in the United States, and promoted the ideology of terror in American mosques. In the most infamous, and oft-cited examples, CAIR cofounder Nihad Awad declared in 1996, ‘I am in support of the Hamas movement.’ In November 1999, his colleague Omar Ahmad told an audience in Chicago, ‘Fighting for freedom, fighting for IslamYthat is not suicide. They kill themselves for Islam.’ These are not views held by the majority of American Muslims. 

Extremist claims were still to be heard in reaction to September 11th and the investigative efforts of the federal authorities. On October 20, 2001, Siraj Wahhaj, a New York imam, CAIR board member, and character witness for Omar Abdel Rahman in his trial for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, told a meeting of Muslim activists in Houston, ‘this government has already sent in every major [mosque], agent provocateurs. Most of you don’t know what that is. All you know is about spies. The government has spies, they have infiltrators. But there’s some difference from being a spy and an agent provocateur. What an agent provocateur does, he goes to a [mosque], he looks just like you. He’s got a beard just like your beard… And their job is to entrap you no different than the prostitute, the police women dressed as a prostitute, whereas he’s coming to the [mosque], dressed as a Muslim. And when they talk, their rhetoric, they are stronger than anyone else.’ Siraj Wahhaj is also notorious as a vicious enemy of Shi’a Muslims in America.

One anti-Wahhabi imam commented with grim humor on the character of CAIR in 2003, when the group issued a call for imams and Friday preachers (khatibs) to attend a ‘Leadership Conference.’ He wrote, ‘when they say, ‘respond to attacks on Islam and the Prophet Muhammad,’ they mean, by using the famous slogan, ‘Islam is Peace,’ hugging Christians and attending Sunday services, at the same time as they harbor hatred for their brethren. When they say, ‘defend your rights,’ they mean, the right to support leftist groups, terrorists, and extremists who want to institute hand-cutting and other punishments in America. When they say, ‘we are working with new groups,’ they mean, the same old groups, but with different names. When they say they will teach grant-writing they mean for Hamas and their associates. When they say ‘create a working relationship with local law enforcement, they meanYwhile planning to set up goon squads and armed groups to terrorize and kill people.’

CAIR has also engaged in a deceptive effort to assert that the majority of American Muslims (i.e. 70 percent) favor Salafism, a polite term for Wahhabism, in their mosques. This claim confirms the charge made by critics of the Wahhabis that some 80 percent of American mosques are under Wahhabi influence or control.

Awad and Hooper, CAIR’s ‘media stars,’ differ in their public personalities. Awad, a born Muslim, may express himself in a radical vocabulary, but maintains his composure and a respectful attitude toward his adversaries. Hooper, however, evinces the mentality of a thug, who, like Ibish and Zogby, specializes in insults, irresponsible allegations, and related smears. He thus demonstrates his contempt for Qur’an, which instructs, ‘Be courteous when you argue with the People of the Book (Jews and Christians)’ [29:46]. Like Ibish and Zogby, he is increasingly boycotted as a participant in debates. 

The real agenda of CAIR is made clear by its failure to address such burning issues of the worldwide Islamic umma as Chechnya. CAIR repeats its earlier posture on the events in Bosnia-Hercegovina, when it remained on the sidelines, and on Kosovo, where it issued only perfunctory condemnation of Serbian aggression. 

Chapter 7, Page 4; Paving the Yellow Brick Road,

Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)


PAC was created in 1989, centered in Los Angeles. Even before September 11th, it presented itself as more inclusive and more open to real dialogue with Jews and Christians than other Arab and Muslim groups, but nonetheless typically defends extremist violence. 

MPAC cofounder Salam al-Marayati maintained his reputation for irresponsible rhetoric when, on the very afternoon of September 11th, he used a Los Angeles talk radio show as a forum to accuse the Israelis of responsibility for the attacks on New York and Washington. The leadership of MPAC includes Maher Hathout, an aggressive supporter of Wahhabism. In a Friday sermon at the Islamic Center of Southern California on August 21, 1998, Hathout condemned U.S. retaliation in Afghanistan, after the bombing of American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, as ‘illegal, immoral, unhuman, unacceptable, stupid, and un-American.’ When a suicide terror bomber blew up a pizzeria in Israel on August 9, 2001, MPAC declared that Israel itself was ‘responsible for this pattern of violence.’ Discussing extremist sermons in American mosques, Maher Hathout’s brother Hassan Hathout confessed, ‘some people for example said America is evil.’ MPAC played no role in defending Balkan Muslims, and has nothing to say about Chechnya, since its agenda remains centered on criticism of the U.S.

In the aftermath of September 11th and al-Marayati’s outrageous declarations, MPAC has shown signs of acute internal conflict, as its members try to sanitize themselves as community representatives. MPAC is a leading player in some communities but only a minor player on campuses. 

The Muslims of Americas MOA

Since the 1980s, land has been purchased that now totals 36, active, terrorist training camps / compounds across the nation operating on American soil run by the MOA.

The Muslims of the Americas (MOA) is an anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and anti-American Islamic terrorist group founded in the 1980s and led by the Pakistani cleric Sheikh Sayed Mubarik Ali Hasini Shah Gilani, commonly known as Sheikh Gilani. The MOA mandates its followers to pursue jihad, or holy war, against individuals or entities it considers enemies of Islam. The United States is enemy number one.

The MOA has purchased or leased hundreds of acres from New York to California, for Islamic compounds. The camps are in remote areas with few neighbors, and are closed to visitors and non-Muslims. They are self-sufficient, with their own water and food supply. The training facilities and communes are located in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Colorado, California, Washington, Oklahoma, Michigan, Georgia, Alabama, and Texas.


At first, the residents promote Islam as a peaceful religion. Once established and expanded, any non-Muslim living in the area is forced to conform to Muslim ideology. Signs appear and warn, “You are entering a Sharia controlled zone, Islamic rules enforced.”


The MOA exists and operates with impunity inside the United States on American soil. Although the State Department has recognized MOA’s terrorist agenda, the Obama administration refuses to designate MOA as a foreign terrorist group.


Chapter 7, Page 5; Paving the Yellow Brick Road;

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Mohamed Elibiary is a Texas-based Muslim who founded Lone Star Intelligence LLC (a security crisis consulting firm) and the Freedom & Justice Foundation (a Muslim nonprofit group established in November 2002 to “promote a centrist public-policy environment in Texas by coordinating the state-level government and interfaith community relations for the organized Texas Muslim community”). This Foundation played a key role in successfully lobbying for the passage of Texas's Halal Food Law (the state's first Muslim consumer-protection statute), and for the institution of Islamic prayers (recited by Imams) in both chambers of the State Legislature.

Identifying himself as a conservative Republican, Elibiary is a longtime official of the Texas Republican Party and served as a delegate for Senator John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. He claims that he can help the Party make inroads with Muslim voters by moving its foreign policy in a pro-Islamic direction.

According to the Clarion Project, “Elibiary is known for his almost daily advocacy for the Muslim Brotherhood on Twitter. He admits being intimately involved with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, which he describes as a 'social network.'” Moreover, he has long maintained that the American government “needs to deepen our strategic engagement” with the Brotherhood.  

At age 16 Elibiary befriended the CEO of the Holy Land Foundation (HLF), Hamas leader Shukri Abu Baker, who became a mentor to the youngster and indoctrinated him with propaganda about Israeli persecution of the Palestinians. Before long, Elibiary began making monthly donations to HLF, and he continued to do so until that Foundation was shuttered by the U.S. government in 2001 due to its terrorist ties. His relationship with Baker would develop into a lifelong friendship

In 2003 Elibiary served on the board of the Council on American-Islamic Relations' Dallas-Fort Worth chapter.

In 2004 Elibiary wrote, “Just because I listen to Osama bin Laden’s tapes and agree that the West routinely insults Muslim dignity, that doesn’t make me al-Qaeda. By listening, I gain a better understanding of a philosophy I wish to counter.” 

In December 2004 Elibiary was a guest speaker at a Dallas conference titled “A Tribute to the Great Islamic Visionary,” which was held in honor of the late Ayatollah Khomeini

In 2006 Elibiary co-founded the North Texas Islamic Council, to coordinate the activities of the many mosques, Islamic schools, and community groups serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area's 150,000+ Muslim residents.

In a 2006 letter to the Dallas Morning News, Elibiary defended the early Muslim Brotherhood leader and theorist Sayyid Qutb, known for his extreme anti-Americanism. Said Elibiary: “I’d recommend everyone read Qutb, but read him with an eye to improving America, not just to be jealous with malice in our hearts.”

In 2007 Elibiary spoke at an Imam-training conference held jointly by the North American Imams Federation and the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America. Excerpt from Elibiary's presentation;

  • “The Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Jordan, Tunis, etc. is a social move­ment for religious revival that seeks to Islamicize the society through cultur­al changing Dawah and that includes the political system. 

In 2008-09 Elibiary was a Fellow at the University of Southern California's American Muslim Civic Leadership Institute, an organization whose list of guest speakers in­cluded Zaid Shakir, who: (a) believes that Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the existing American order; (b) impugns the U.S. for its “pattern of demonization, destabilization, and the invasion of hapless Third World nations”; and (c) claims that organizations such as al Qaeda and Hamas are pursuing manifestly legitimate objectives. 

In December 2009 Elibiary helped establish the Texas Fusion Center Policy Council, to help state and local law-enforcement personnel improve their information-sharing, analytical capabilities, and community relations. 

In October 2010, President Barack Obama's Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, Janet Napolitano, appointed Elibiary, who had recently begun working with the Texas Department of Public Safety's advisory board, to DHS's Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). Over the ensuing four years, Elibiary would also serve on the DHS Countering Violent Extremism Working Group (CVEWG) and the DHS Faith-Based Security and Communications Advisory Committee.

In his work with CVEWG, which was responsible for reviewing counter-terrorism training guidelines, Elibiary played a key role in doing away with the practice of educating DHS and FBI personnel regarding the ideology and tactics of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. Indeed, he and fellow activists condemned FBI curricula and training materials that drew any connections between Islamist supremacism, jihad, and terror­ism. National security expert and political analyst Ryan Mauro explains how Elibiary helped purge these materials:

“On October 4, 2011, Elibiary joined other Islamist activists and leftists in writing [FBI] Director [Robert] Mueller demanding that the FBI’s training materials be purged of such offen­sive material. Fifteen days later, he [Elibiary] was among 59 individuals and groups who wrote [to] then-Homeland Security Advisor to the President, John Brennan, insisting that the purge be extended to the training and trainers involved with the military, the intelligence community and homeland security/law enforcement community, as well. On November 11th, Brennan agreed.”

This document purge was accompanied by the issuance of new "Countering Violent Ex­tremism" DHS training guidelines which essentially recommended marginalizing adversaries of the Brotherhood, specifically Muslim “reformers.”

In June 2011, the IRS revoked the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status of Elibiary’s Freedom and Justice Foundation (FJF) for having failed, over a period of several years, to fulfill its legal obligation to file the required IRS Form 990s (which would have revealed the sources of FJF's funding).

In October 2011, it was reported that Elibiary had recently been given access to a highly sensitive Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) database — known as the Homeland Security State and Local Intelligence Community of Interest, or HS SLIC. This database contained hundreds of thousands of intelligence reports that were intended solely to aid law-enforcement agencies. In fact, Elibiary was the only Homeland Security Advisory Councilmember (out of 26) who was permitted to view the HS SLIC.

Elibiary abused this privilege, however, when he gathered together a number of classified documents that, in his view, promoted “Islamophobia,” and presented them to a left-leaning media outlet, in hopes that the latter would write a story about DPS's bias against Muslims. (He also sought to advance the notion that Republican Texas Governor Rick Perry was an "Islamophobe.") 

In early November 2011, Elibiary’s access to the HS SLIC database was revoked, though he retained his post as a DHS advisor. And in September 2013 he was promoted to senior advisor at the Homeland Security Advisory Council, a title held only by a small number of select members.

Elibiary received significant attention in June 2012, when five Republican lawmakers (most prominently, Michele Bachmann) sent letters to the inspectors general at the Departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Defense, and State, asking that they investigate government “policies and activities that appear to be the result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.” Elibiary was named in these letters along with Arif AlikhanSalam al-MarayatiRashad HussainMohamed Magid, and Eboo Patel.

In a 2013 interview, Elibiary described the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has ties to many Muslim extremists including Hamas, as an innocent “community organization” with no involvement in any criminal activity.

In October 2013, Elibiary said: “I do consider the United States of America an Islamic country with an Islamically compliant constitution.” In other words, he believed that the U.S. Constitution and Sharia law reflect basically the same values and principles.

Then, in June 2014, Elibiary tweeted that the reestablishment of an Islamic caliphate was in fact “inevitable.” Comparing the concept of a caliphate to the European Union, he claimed that both U.S. political parties were “headed in [the] direction” of endorsing it.

In September 2014, the DHS, which had long been under pressure from Congress to investigate Elibiary's apparent radicalism, decided to drop Elibiary from his Advisory Council post.

Elibiary, for his part, put a positive spin on the termination, announcing that he had voluntarily decided to leave his DHS job in order to focus on “reforming” the conservative movement prior to the 2016 presidential election.

Elibiary has been invited to testify before Congress on U.S. counter­terrorism policy. He is also an associate member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police; a member of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance; and a lifetime member of the International Association of Business Communicators.

Elibiary has served as:

  • spokesman for the Islamic Association of North Texas (a.k.a. the Dallas Central Mosque), which boasts the largest Muslim congregation in the state
  • vice president of the FBI-Dallas Citizens’ Academy Alumni Association. 
  • Although Elibiary has departed the DHS, but he has left behind a stunning example of how supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and, in this case, even someone closely linked to a convicted Hamas financier, can get into sensitive positions and influence policy.
  • Elibiary has no intention of going away. He’s declared his intention to continue working in the homeland security enterprise and as a Republican Party activist.


    Chapter 7, Page 6; Paving the Yellow brick road;

    Written sometime in 1987 but not formally published until May 22, 1991, Akram's 18-page document listed the Brotherhood’s 29 likeminded "organizations of our friends" that shared the common goal of dismantling American institutions and turning the U.S. into a Muslim nation. These "friends" were identified by Akram and the Brotherhood as groups that could help convince Muslims "that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands … so that … God's religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions."

    Akram was well aware that in the U.S., it would be extremely difficult to promote Islam by means of terror attacks. Thus the “grand jihad” that he and his Brotherhood comrades envisioned was not a violent one involving bombings and shootings, but rather a stealth (or “soft”) jihad aiming to impose Islamic law (Sharia) over every region of the earth by incremental, non-confrontational means, such as working to “expand the observant Muslim base”; to “unif[y] and direc[t] Muslims' efforts”; and to “present Islam as a civilization alternative.” At its heart, Akram's document details a plan to conquer and Islamize the United States – not as an ultimate objective, but merely as a stepping stone toward the larger goal of one day creating “the global Islamic state.”

    In line with this objective, Akram and the Brotherhood resolved to "settle" Islam and the Islamic movement within the United States, so that the Muslim religion could be "enabled within the souls, minds and the lives of the people of the country.” Akram explained that this could be accomplished “through the establishment of firmly-rooted organizations on whose bases civilization, structure and testimony are built.” He urged Muslim leaders to make “a shift from the collision mentality to the absorption mentality,” meaning that they should abandon any tactics involving defiance or confrontation, and seek instead to implant into the larger society a host of seemingly benign Islamic groups with ostensibly unobjectionable motives; once those groups had gained a measure of public acceptance, they would be in a position to more effectively promote societal transformation by the old Communist technique of “boring from within.”

    “The heart and the core” of this strategy, said Akram, was contingent upon these groups' ability to develop “a mastery of the art of 'coalitions.'” That is, by working synergistically they could complement, augment, and amplify one another's efforts. Added Akram: “The big challenge that is ahead of us is how to turn these seeds or 'scattered' elements into comprehensive, stable, 'settled' organizations that are connected with our Movement and which fly in our orbit and take orders from our guidance.” The ultimate objective was not only an enlarged Muslim presence, but also implementation of the Brotherhood objectives of transforming pluralistic societies, particularly America, into Islamic states, and sweeping away Western notions of legal equality, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. 

    Akram and the Brotherhood understood that in order to succeed in this endeavor, they needed to appeal to different strata of the American population in different ways; that whereas some people could be influenced by messages delivered from a religious perspective, others would be more responsive to messages delivered by educators, or bankers, or political figures, or journalists, etc. Thus, Akram's blueprint for the advancement of the Islamic movement stressed the need to form a coalition of groups coming from the worlds of education; religious proselytization; political activism; audio and video production; print media; banking and finance; the physical sciences; the social sciences; professional and business networking; cultural affairs; the publishing and distribution of books; children and teenagers; women's rights; vocational concerns; and jurisprudence.

    By promoting the Islamic movement on such a wide variety of fronts, the Brotherhood and its allies could multiply exponentially their influence. Toward that end, the Akram/Brotherhood “Explanatory Memorandum” named the following 29 groups as the organizations they believed could collaborate effectively to destroy America from within – “if they all march according to one plan”:

    By setting up these many front groups, the Muslim Brotherhood was emulating the Communist Party tactic of creating interlocking front groups during the Cold War in order to confuse its enemies and make it more difficult to combat.


    In July 2007, seven key leaders of an Islamic charity known as the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF) went on trial for charges that they had: (a) provided "material support and resources" to a foreign terrorist organization (namely Hamas); (b) engaged in money laundering; and (c) breached the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, which prohibits transactions that threaten American national security. Along with the seven named defendants, the U.S. government released a list of approximately 300 "unindicted co-conspirators" and "joint venturers." During the course of the HLF trial, many incriminating documents were entered into evidence. Perhaps the most significant of these was "An Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America," by the Muslim Brotherhood operative Mohamed Akram. Federal investigators found Akram's memo in the home of Ismael Elbarasse, a founder of the Dar Al-Hijrahmosque in Falls Church, Virginia, during a 2004 search. Elbarasse was a member of the Palestine Committee, which the Muslim Brotherhood had created to support Hamas in the United States.


    Chapter 7, Page 7; Paving the Yellow brick road;


    I believe that this nation is the last hope of civilization and if this oasis of the world shall be overrun, perverted, contaminated or destroyed, then the last flickering light of humanity will be extinguished, because the next wave will be a tsunami.


    I take no issue with those who would praise the contributions which have been made to our society by people of many races, of varied creeds and colors. … However, we have in the United States today hard-core, indigestible blocs which have not become integrated into the American way of life, but which, on the contrary are its deadly enemies. Today, as never before, untold millions are storming our gates for admission and those gates are cracking under the strain. 


    The problems of Europe and Germany will come through a transplanting of those problems en masse to the United States unless we the people unite by standing together as one to speak up now. I do not intend to become prophetic, but if the enemies of this legislation succeed in riddling it to pieces, or in amending it beyond recognition, they will have contributed more to promote this nation's downfall than any other group since we achieved our independence as a nation.


    You can call a pig any name you want, but it's still a pig!


    You can call them Refugees all you want, there still, Islam / Islamists and are here already trying to not only change our ways of Government but also our Constitution through Illegal Amendments through the Justice System. 

    " Islam " represents their ultimate goal. All the " M's " are Islam / Islamists. 


    Although Islamists may be Muslim, Islam is not a religion—it is a totalitarian way of life. It’s a legal system, shari'ah law; it’s a financial system; it’s a moral code; it’s a political system; it’s a military system. It should not be protected under the First Amendment, particularly given that those following the dictates of the Qur’an are under an obligation to destroy our Constitution and replace it with shari'ah law. Under our Constitution this is strictly not even allowed in our Country.  "Public Law 414 Refugee Act 1952"


    "Shari'ah is an Arabic term referring to a legal framework to regulate public and private aspects of life based upon specific Islamic teachings."


    The Honesty Broadcasting Network is committed to the Positive, no mater how negative.

    Editor: Thomas Pugh ¥

















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