Obama must be impeached.

G2: Did nothing. Obama has not really changed anything. Obama says we need more time. What a moron. How many years does he need? He is NOT for America.. Yes, Time for more victims in the hands of ISIS. They MUST do heavy air strikes on ISIS and other terrorist in all Countries and then followed with US and Allied Ground Troops. Obama has NO HUGE offense Change.‪#‎Trump‬ is needed now, but we know how that is. I knew Obama would not support France. Obama this is not convention War. This is the dumbest or most evil President I have ever seen. A year is too far all. God help America.


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  1. I have to disagree with you on Obama being a moron, it his plan from day one to take the United States to its knees, Our congress is the morons who let him get away with so much wrong doing, even his own party is now second guessing everything he does but don’t have what it takes to do anything (guess with a election coming up it may make the party look bad so they will let the country go down) I think it is all a big master plan of Obama to never leave the white house. Only my opinion but to me it looked like that was his plan from day 1 and when congress stood by and let him break law after law and did and said nothing. How can we trust people who past maybe one of the most important are should say major law and not read a single page of it be trusted in anyway.

  2. As Americans we need to do whatever we can to protect our country over the years we’ve had so many politicians get money from businessman that want to influence those politicians to do something that does business people want done that favor their company as well as lobbyists hear Donald Trump is paying for his own campaign.

    A jet of his size can be astronomical in the expense of chartering a plane like that he spending that money himself go to the link below and look what it cost to charter a small plane versus a very large playing the size of Donald trumps you can be well over $40,000 an hour that’s the kind of money Dolla trumpets spending out of his own pocket to fly all over the country to help the American people bring this country back to where it should be and to protect the Constitution which is your freedom..


  3. We started this website so everybody has not patootie to post their feelings their beliefs as to what’s going wrong with the country and you have the ability to come to this website and post positive reviews or favorable reviews about any politician or political candidate that you believe is fit for the job…

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  4. Impeached, hell. No teeth in that (just ask Bill Clinton). Obama is guilty of treason against the United States of America. What SHOULD be done is charge him with treason, convict him, and give him his choice of public hanging or firing squad.

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