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O Bummer will never be jailed. There is big difference between being held/arrested and jailed/incarcerated/convicted. He was arrested and held in Japan by our Military Police, then released. He was released only to become a rat bait for all involved. He is on a Global House Arrest. It's the first of its kind. As long as he acts like he is still in the public eye and nothing is wrong, they can catch all involved and process them thoroughly and properly. Furthermore, not like that of the OJ case, with the media and the world controlling the case, this will be handled privately. Trump has assembled a fierce team of investigators for this case against Obama beyond OJ's Dream Team. ALL the T's will be crossed and all the I's dotted as well. And then, and only then, will you hear about more arrested and convictions. For now, it's all a private investigation.

This is quite brilliant actually. One wonders how long Obama can play this role for, though, without getting shot. His drug lord bosses know he squealed on them. He sang like a fucking canary. They are coming for him. His safest bet is to stay in America, but he is too stupid for all that. You will see him roaming. And he has clearance to do just that! Roam, enjoy the fake sun, and all the fake stars as well. Up high and down here on Earth. Yeah, he better live it up now. But it seems he hasn't. The first time out of the gate, he was in Chicago at his old University (supposedly) getting back into the public eye, and he looked like shit. No tan lines on his face from basking in the sun for a month on a yacht. Nope, but he did have sunken blacked eyes and sagging skin. He seemed to be high on something and spoke only about unimportant issues. Never mentioning Trump makes me think he was told to do that. He is the best puppet of the biz. 

Again, he will never be jailed. No President has ever been jailed! Nor will they ever. There is some sort of provision on this. Still looking into that provision clause, but it's out there. No one seems to be coming after Bill Clinton either it seems, who is now dying in Arkansas. Hillary has been dead. Her double, who dated Huma Abedin, is the only thing keeping them somewhat in the lime-light. The Kill Couple have been pretty quiet though lately, if you've noticed. The family is having a small gathering in Arkansas, preparing Bill for Hell. The family has now taken up all the rooms at the residence over the Clinton Library, every room is full. He requested a reporter to come to his bedside at the residence the other day to clean up his conscience before his last breathe, but what he should do is call a rev because what he did in his lifetime, no reporter can fix. Can you imagine his real book of life? I mean the REAL one. Murder, mayhem, drugs, power. And the sex, my God!~ Yes, the truth would be far a better read than his pack of lies he has told us over the past 40 years. 

Perhaps with the DWave computer and its soul transfer ability now, we will not being seeing the last of the Killary's. Watch the following videos below for all the info I just wrote about in this review. Thank you and leave comments below as well. The last video is a must see!! It is a process server trying to give Obama a summons, but he is not there in Washington where is supposed to be.

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  1. The problem we have is that politicians do not want to admit that they work for the American people they think they work for themselves to enrich their personal lives and nothing more. We’ve been screwed by so many politicians which leads me to believe that the American people like to get screwed because they continue to look the other way because it’s work to put politicians in their place.

    Perfect example is Senator John McCain. That son of a bitch is almost 80 years old what the hell does the American people need him for he’s only doing what he can to enrich his life even more than it already is . Wake up America.

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