Obozo the Muslim clown!

Barack Hussein Obama is a communist illegal immigrant homosexual Muslim with a fake birth certficate and a tranny "wife". Any 12 year old with a basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop can easily determine the document he put forth as his birth certificate is a computer generated forgery. If you can't see how Obozo is directly responsible for the rise of the Islamic State, then YOU are what's wrong with America. If I said what I really wanted to say about this treasonous scumbag I'm pretty sure the secret service would show up at my house and make me disappear.

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  1. I like reading what this guy has to say I wish you would start posting more often .. What I’ve read so far at least at this website you don’t have to worry about censorship… The guy that runs this website seems to be a Republican but at least he lets us speak are fucking minds I thought the guy who runs this website was going to be an asshole dumbass Republican. Thank God… Say what we want

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