Out With the Red, in With the New…

Drapes, that is. Trump and his wife have been making some changes in the White House the past couple of days. One of those changes is removing the red drapes that Commy Obama put into place. Red clearly symbolizes the Communist Party, which he has been trained for since ten years old by his real father. Whereas gold is more of a powerful, loyal, and remembrance kind of color. Bush had gold drapes as well, but the libtards are already attacking Trump, saying that he is using the gold drapes as another way to show off his money and power. Maybe, maybe not. I know everything he touches turns to gold, and if it doesn’t, he makes it turn to gold, by golly.

Donald has also brought back the bust of Roosevelt, and regardless of what the MSM is saying, the MLK’s bust remains as is. What did you think he was going to do, smash it? HAHA, highly unlikely. Trump and the first family will add class to the White House as the evicted borders are now renting a house from Bill Clinton’s former press secretary, Joel Lockhart and wife Giovanna Gray. No, no one is rubbing elbows here, nothing to see, keep it moving. Sadly though, two blocks down the street lives Trump’s daughter and son in law. I’d like to see the Night of Mischief in that neighborhood this year.

It’s not like he is removing everything red, I mean, who can forget the Red Room? Dolley Madison’s party room? She rolled in a piano and changed the drapes to Velvet Red. I can just imagine the parties in that room. You know with all drugs being legal and everything back then. Oh boy. But no, Trump won’t be changing any of this out of the hatred for the communist party. His respect for this country and that House will be more transparent over the next four years. Trump has manufactured some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, so if he wants to change the curtains in the Oval Office, fine, so be it. And even though his son, Baron, and his wife, will not be moving in immediately, the House will be upheld in the highest regards until she does. You know how us women are, adding our own little touches. She may make some slight changes, but I’m sure only for the better.

So, yeah, if Trump wants to change the drapes, add some class, and spend some cash on improvements to the White House, I say, let ‘im. Don’t worry. It probably won’t come out of your taxes. You know, the taxes he is trying to lower for you all? I’m sure it won’t cost over $600,000 like Michael Obama spent on the State Dining Room. And don’t worry about the color of the drapes, libtards. They’re new, that’s all you need to worry about.

So, watch as the White House transforms into a beautiful iconic place in history like it should be. Trump is not going to forget that little ole color~ Red. He will still remember the color red, but part of a trinity. Watch as he lights it up the White House with Red, white AND blue. Not just the gay flag colors, but the colors of all true Americans. Watch as he brings back Christmas with gold, silver, and Red shining in the house for all to see. Yes, watch as he opens the White House up for visits and will never close it due to budget cuts or striking law makers. Watch, my friends, just watch.



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