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Hello everyone this is A.D. Bell and this is my first written entry. I consider myself a Independent but I vocally support Donald Trump for president this election cycle. It's not easy supporting such a blunt and often times controversial figure and did I mention I am "African American". Many people see negativity looming over this election cycle, I however see a clear cut choice among the typical politics as usual versus a new brand of politics that I think erases the identity aspect of our political structure. 

Whether you agree or disagree with Trump's style it is apparent that he has shined a light on the political landscape like never before and many people who usually do not partake in election cycles will be for the first time in their lives. 

I cannot tell people how to vote but I can give you my perspective on how I perceived this election and during the next few months I will do my best to give honest and fair assessments of the race. Regardless of your political ideology it is vital that you take note of the current events and evaluate each candidate fairly. 



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