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Member's Message July 2017

The Monthly Newsletter of the The Conservative Caucus


TCCDear Conservative Caucus Supporter,

The year 2017 may be seen by historians as a turning point in American history – a moment when the Washington Establishment lost its grip on the Federal government and the American people reclaimed the right to govern themselves.

The election of Donald Trump has provided an opportunity to make long-awaited reforms that will remove the very foundations of establishment power.

Term limits will put an end to the professional governing class, replacing them with a citizens' Congress.

Flat Tax will eliminate the game of giving away special tax breaks to favored businesses in return for their support at election time.

Protecting the border and deporting illegal aliens will destroy the Establishment goal of amnesty, citizenship, and millions of new voters.

The Conservative Caucus is already working for all of these goals – in fact, we were working on them even before Trump's victory brought us a better opportunity.

We will continue to fight for all these items on the President's agenda – but we will also fight to protect the President himself against impeachment on false charges. The Establishment will stop at nothing to remove the President and regain their power.

I worked in the Reagan administration, helping to roll back the liberal tax-and- spend policies. Today, I am eager to help mobilize public support behind President Trump so that he can follow in Reagan's footsteps.


Peter Thomas
Peter J. Thomas
Chairman, The Conservative Caucus


TCC Members Launch “Stand with Trump” Project To Counter Attacks from Radical Left, News Media



Patriotic Members of The Conservative Caucus (TCC) have launched a special project to defend President Donald Trump against an orchestrated attempt by radical Leftists, the news media and others to force Trump from office and undo the 2016 election result.

The project is called “Stand with Trump Against the Coup.” Participants in the anti-democratic coup include Barack Obama, the Obama holdovers still in the government, the liberal media, the Democrats, the Soros-funded radical Left, and many Establishment Republicans.

“The frenzy in Washington about Russia ‘hacking’ our 2016 elections is not about defending the integrity of the elections; it’s about undoing those elections,” says TCC Chairman Peter Thomas. “It’s time to speak out. It’s time to defend our electoral system and the Constitution. It’s time to stand with President Donald Trump!”

TCC isn’t alone in its belief that the Left seeks nothing less than to completely delegitimize America’s duly elected President and drive him from office. Here’s how Rush Limbaugh, the king of conservative talk radio, put it: “There is a serious effort to get Donald Trump out of office. …‘a rolling coup.’ ”

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin says, “I don’t care if you are a populist, a nationalist, a conservative, a moderate Republican, or an independent. It is time to speak out! This is an attack on our Constitutional system! This is an attack on the elections! We have a silent coup attempt going on here!”

Former Intelligence officer Michael Walsh also agrees: “This is a rolling coup attempt, organized by elements of the intelligence community, particularly CIA and NSA, abetted by Obama-era holdovers in the understaffed Justice Department . . . and . . . the leftist media, all of whom have signed on with the ‘Resistance’ in order to overturn the results of the November election.”

As TCC Members are aware, the radical Left’s rage and even hatred of Trump began long before the 2016 election. During the 2016 Presidential primary season, the Obama Administration, the Democrats, the biased liberal media, the radical leftists, and so called “moderate” Republicans did all they could to deny Donald Trump the Presidency.

They failed because faithful TCC supporters and millions of other Americans rose up and stood behind Trump when he promised to undo the Obama legacy, “Drain The Swamp,” and “Make America Great Again.”

Now the establishment is determined to remove President Trump by any means necessary to preserve their power and the status quo in Washington, and the appointment of a special prosecutor last May is part of that effort.

Behind them is an organized army of radical leftists funded by George Soros who will petition Congress, disrupt Town Hall meetings, infiltrate Trump rallies, and all too often riot in the streets. One radical leftist group called “” has launched a campaign to recruit 1 million leftists to sign a Petition to impeach President Trump. Several far Leftists in Congress, such as Democrat Maxine Waters, have repeatedly called for Trump’s impeachment without citing any proof of wrongdoing.

In response, TCC is building a “2 Million Patriots Trump Army” to stop the coup and defend the President.

In addition to TCC Members, millions of other patriots are being invited to join the campaign. They are receiving an “I Stand with Trump” Membership card in the mail and being asked to sign a “Stand with Trump Against the Coup Petition” to Congress.

Because several prominent Establishment Republicans have sided with the Left and asked for investigations of the Trump Administration and/or the 2016 Trump for President campaign, the mass Petition will be delivered to the entire Republican Congressional leadership, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan. It reads in part:

“You should NOT be collaborating with the likes of CNN, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or The New York Times to undermine our President. Instead, you should aim your investigations at the actions of former President Obama before he left office and on the actions today of his moles still in the government. This is nothing less than a coup and we who voted you into power demand you stand with our President against it!”

Thomas observed, “I’ll say one thing about the liberals: They never betray their leaders no matter how guilty they are of scandals or crimes. We saw it with Bill Clinton. Then Obama. And then Hillary Clinton.”

“Not so with the Republicans! Far too many have allowed themselves to be duped into becoming ‘useful idiots’ for the coup against Trump.”

Led by two of the liberal media’s favorite Republicans (John McCain and Lindsey Graham) some of the “useful idiots” have jumped aboard the liberal train demanding multiple investigations of the President and the 2016 election.

Some, such as Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz, even went so far as to call for an ethics investigation of Trump aide Kellyanne Conway for saying people should “just go out and buy Ivanka (Trump’s) stuff.”

Kellyanne was kidding, of course. However, there’s nothing funny about the silent coup that is being orchestrated by Obama and the “shadow government” he left behind.

Did Barack Obama order any wiretapping? Probably not directly.

But his Administration requested and may have been granted a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court) that allowed the FBI, CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies to monitor Trump campaign officials.

Think about it. How else would they know that former national Security advisor Michael Flynn and Attorney General Jeff Sessions had talked to the Russian Ambassador if not from monitoring and leaks?


It’s not about Russia



Thomas emphasized that none of this is about “concern over Russian interference” in our elections.

“The liberals have never cared about the Russians,” he pointed out. “Not when it was the Soviet Union. Not when they invaded Crimea. And not when it was revealed years ago they were hacking our nation’s most classified secrets.”

Instead, what the liberals care about is preserving the established status quo in Washington and destroying Donald Trump. Period – end of story.

They won’t stop until President Trump has been forced to resign, or impeached, prosecuted and jailed. And no one needs to take TCC’s word for it. The liberals admit it:

Democrat California Congresswomen Maxine Waters said her “greatest desire was to lead Donald Trump right into impeachment.”

After Trump issued his first order halting refugees from radical Muslim countries, Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro said, “There should be articles of impeachment.”

And Democrat California Congressman Ted Lieu thinks President Trump should be impeached just because his fellow leftists hate him. According to Lieu, “You see immense energy from people who want to resist the president. . . . A recent poll came out saying that 46 percent of Americans want the president impeached, and certainly members of Congress take notice.”

When not calling for impeachment, other Democrats are introducing legislation to take away the nuclear codes from the President or require a psychiatrist to be stationed on duty at the White House.

And cheering them every step of the way is the dishonest liberal media. They have made no secret of their hatred for President Trump and his conservative agenda – or their desire to force him out of office.

Day after day they report on the supposed chaos inside the Trump White House, the alleged incompetence of Trump’s aides, and even on the sanity of the President. They will advance any lie, any smear, and any charge against the President without any proof, no matter how untrue or ridiculous.

The Leftist press is also working overtime to make the case that there is a natural grassroots uprising against the President.

Case in point: The Washington Post published a story the day before the Inauguration titled “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.” The article praised groups such as Impeach that were already marching and working for Trump’s removal from office.

Never mind that there is nothing natural or grassroots about this Leftist army – or that many of the leftist groups opposing Trump are funded by socialist anti-American billionaire, George Soros.

But natural or not, these groups can be powerful for anti-Trump propaganda purposes – and one of the most dangerous of the groups is Barack Obama’s former campaign organization, now known as “Organizing for America.”

This group, run by former Obama aides who will do anything to protect his so-called legacy, already has $40 million in their coffers.


TCC’s Five-Point Plan To Put Down the Coup



The Conservative Caucus’s “Stand with Trump Against the Coup” campaign has created a Five-Point Plan to:

  • 1. Recruit up to 2 Million patriots for Trump using email, postal mail, the Internet, and videos;
  • 2. Flood the Republican-controlled Congress with a tidal wave of Petitions;
  • 3. Create an information War Room to push back on fake news reports about the Trump Administration;
  • 4. Produce and air TV, radio, print and internet ads that are pro-President Trump and anti- impeachment, anti-Deep State, and anti-coup; and
  • 5. Build a campaign war chest of $10 million that TCC can draw on each time the liberals and the Establishment task forces launch a phony new Trump scandal.



Text of TCC Petition To Congressional Leaders



The “Stand with Trump Petition” TCC is circulating – both to TCC Members and to other patriotic Americans who are being invited to join the campaign – makes two demands on Republican Congressional leaders.

First, it demands they get behind their President against the barrage of anti-Trump fake news from the biased media and frivolous anti-Trump charges from the liberal Democrats and the left. And second, it demands they investigate the real Washington scandal, which is the on-going attempts by “Deep State” Obama holdovers still inside the government to destroy the Trump Administration one leak and one Trump appointee at a time.

Here’s the full text of TCC’s “Stand with Trump” Petition:

I, the undersigned, do hereby urge you to stand with President Donald Trump against the organized and coordinated effort by former President Barack Obama, “Deep State Obama holdovers” within the federal government, the Liberal Democrats, the dishonest media, George Soros and the radical left to undo the 2016 elections.

This is NOT about Russia, our President’s business dealings, or any other phony fake news scandals. This is about setting the stage for the President’s resignation or impeachment, period!

You should NOT be collaborating with the likes of CNN, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or The New York Times to undermine our President.

Instead, you should aim your investigations at the actions of former President Obama before he left office and on the actions today of his moles still in the government. This is nothing less than a coup and we who voted you into power demand you stand with our President against it! 

TCC developed the comprehensive strategy described above because it works.

As TCC Members are aware, for more than 40 years now, The Conservative Caucus has been involved in some of the most important policy battles. For example:

It was TCC who helped President Reagan win the Cold War. It was TCC who helped repeal the unfair Catastrophic Coverage Tax. It was TCC who helped defeat “Hillarycare” (the precursor to Obamacare). It was TCC that helped block the amnesty plans of Presidents Obama and Bush. And it was TCC that was a constant thorn in Obama’s side during his Presidency.

Make no mistake: TCC is a non-partisan organization and always has been. In fact, TCC Founder Howard Phillips left a high- ranking position in the Nixon Administration in 1974 to form TCC because he could no longer serve a President who had betrayed so many of our conservative principles.

What’s more, few organizations are better suited when it comes to impeachment battles. TCC was among the first to call for the impeachment of Bill Clinton for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

“Rest assured that TCC bases all it does on the Constitution,” Thomas added. “If it is ever proven that President Trump violated the Constitution, the law, and/or his oath of office, we will withdraw our support for him.”

“Right now however, we see no evidence whatsoever of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ by our President.”

On the other hand, Thomas noted, we see plenty of evidence the Obama/Clinton/Schumer/Liberal Media and their “Deep State” moles are determined to undo the 2016 elections.

“It’s clear the Left won’t give up until they undo the 2016 elections,” he said. “If they fail to force the President out of power with the Russia charge, they will invent some other fake charge. We must stand up for our President, our electoral system, and our Constitution. For the sake of our children, our grandchildren, our Constitution, and our democratic Republic, please do whatever you can to help TCC’s ‘Stand with Trump’ project succeed.”


Action Steps You Can Take To Stand with Trump



1. Contact your Congressional Representative and two U.S. Senators and tell them to “Stand with Trump” and against all efforts by the Left to delegitimize him, impeach him or overturn the results of the 2016 election. Let your elected officials know the 2018 Congressional election is just 15 months away, and you’ll be watching what they do. You can call them (202) 224-3121.

2. Visit TCC’s website at www. and sign up to receive our Action Alerts and other important updates on the Left’s attempts to drive President Trump from office.

3. Share your Member’s Message newsletter with a principled conservative friend, relative or neighbor and ask them to join TCC’s “Stand with Trump” campaign and contact their elected officials, using the information above in point #1.


Dear Peter,

 Yes, I want to help The Conservative Caucus permanently smash the foundations of Establishment power. Term limits, the Flat Tax, and enforcing the immigration laws will be a turning point for this nation, just as in the days of Ronald Reagan.

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