Reporter denied access at Pence rally in Perry GA.

Kent Dunn Reporter 8-29-2016

Gov. Mike Pence was in Perry GA. on a campaign stop, this reporter for was barred from Press access by Mr Pence staff named Amber
I went thru secret service body checks like all must do and got up to the sign in desk. I gave my name and presented my Press Pass. your name is not on our list so please wait here.
I waited about 5 minutes and Amber from Pence's staff came to speak to me since your not main stream media and online press you can just go in as a vistor not Press!!!
so I asked Amber,wait a minute you will allow the lberal media into the event but not the people's national press is this what your saying? she replied it doesnt matter.
she waved her hand and I was escorted out of the event area. Pence has done this before with non essential Press people in past from his own state of Indiana. so show's this reporter that unless you
are in the Liberal media or old boys club as some call it, you dont matter. If all patriot reporters showed up from online news sources such as this site
these people wanting office would be more open to allowing the real peoples news reporters into thier events. this is still run as a corparation goverment not a goverment of the people since people
dont matter to these canidates. Trump got his supporters from online but Pence is a Cabal stooge from years gone by as most are.
Trumps idea of nationalism is you matter as long as you fall inline to to the Cabal way of business as usual. Pence is a low life worm cabal stooge from back in days of politic's but times are changing and it must change 
for people to matter but seems not in this instance so I warn you if you show up with your press pass and ready for notes better bring NBC, CBS. FOX, etc with you cause the little man or woman isnt in thier game.
WE the people made Trump we the people can refuse to be treated like this at any event public. 

Spread this to all your friends and lets demand this never happen again!!!!!!! see video below of how Pence really is and staff


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  1. I thought the owner of the website has to be registered with the ap. not doubting your story , I’m sure it on SPOT but …they do check a list of registered websites and news outlets. Alex Jones and his crew have no problem getting in the events.

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