Senator John McCain reviews Why is it that Senator John McCain thinks he’s so much better than the veterans who proudly serve this country

 why is it that Senator John McCain thinks that he's so much better than the  proud veterans who served this country with their boots in the mud on the front line 

 it's rumored that he has nine houses and I'm sure that he acquired these houses with Cindy McCain's father's money.  They own a local Budweiser distribution  Company down in Tempe Arizona and I'm sure they got enough money in the bank if they can pay for any Medical Treatment Center, John McCain may need for his unfortunate cancer situation.


 The thing that really pisses me off is the fact that you never hear of him going to any veterans hospitals and actually meeting veterans that are in need of medical treatment and making sure that they are getting the proper care of the day so probably deserve he won't do that.   Because he's in bed with the Democrats in Washington DC maybe you could call him a political WOOD LICKER.  That's what I said   POLITICAL WOOD LICKER……

 he will team up with the Democrats that do not care about the American people he will always ride on their side of the bus any chance he gets because he wants to be like well let me tell you the Democrats as far as I'm concerned could give a shit less about sending to John McCain or any other person that is on the opposite side of the fence most of the DC maggots stick together and to hell with the American people 


 yes it's an unfortunate situation that he's got brain cancer I would not wish that on anybody but notice how quick he gets medical treatment but he's not making sure that the veterans who served this country on the front line get the same kind of treatment that he gets because he's better than them.

if I could get into the veterans hospital here in Phoenix and meet with some of the  veterans and interview them  I would definitely do that but I don't think nobody would let me in there to meet with those proud American to love this country


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I don't know if this link will take you anywhere but it's a video about Senator John McCain and his medical treatment for cancer 

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