SHOCKER! Clinton Caught by ABCNews ON CAMERA Pay-to-Play ?!! Nuclear Nightmare

Published on Jun 10, 2016This ABC News report can FINALLY reveal that money donated to Clintons had an apparent DIRECT IMPACT in placing a big donor on a government national security board where he had no known expertise and, once revealed, suddenly resigned. Emails were finally released just today, confirming the story. If you think the nation's government won't be filled to the dirty brim with big corporate donors, Wall Street tycoons and foreign operatives, you haven't been watching the news.

This proves that Clinton is not only corrupt to the core and completely unworthy of the office of United States President, she is also shamelessly willing to put America at risk by giving away critical positions in government, even in the dangerous nuclear intelligence arena, to passing friends, special donors and 'faves' of their own choosing. Hillary Clinton is a dangerous and caustic self-serving politician who has nothing but selfish reasons to run. She does not want to change the world, she wants to be in the White House and play President. She has no moral compass and cannot be trusted, as this report reveals.

More pay-to-play Clinton investigation by ABCNews

Do not put America at risk. It is better to choose an honest person and have them run the country than a proven liar. Clintons have been a consistent wedge in politics, and have even divided their own Democratic Party – not once, but twice. Eight more years of polarizing politics is not what America needs. We need a President who can be trusted.

Now THAT would be a true history making run for office. A President who can be trusted. Not a lying, failed S.O.S. who already stated earlier she did not want to run for President and actually preferred to retire. Who needs someone in the highest office in the land who doesn't want to be there except for the title?

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