Some Jobs Are Never Coming Back

Some Jobs Are Never Coming Back. (4 Apr. 2017)

Boeing to cut hundreds of engineering jobs.

The retail sector is shedding jobs like it’s a recession.

Retailers are shutting down thousands of stores and cutting even more jobs in an effort to meet consumer demand.

President Trump Likes Taking Credit for Jobs. Here Are the Facts.

Robots Could Steal 40% of U.S. Jobs by 2030.

Wal-Mart is cutting hundreds of jobs to slash costs.

Coal industry study predicts hundreds of Montana jobs lost in next decade.

Why more men will soon find themselves doing 'women's work'

We have no idea how robots and automation are impacting jobs.

Trump to sign 'Hire American' executive order.

Trump order would target high-skilled worker visa program.

President Trump says he’s created 600,000 jobs, but that’s not what the boxscore says.

AP FACT CHECK: Trump again out of his lane on auto jobs.

Trump’s Demand For Jobs Forces Automakers Into Conflict. The Manning Report

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